2015 Sunday Annual Meeting Videos

2015 Sunday Annual Meeting Videos | ASCRS


Sunday, May 31, 2015 
ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting Recordings


Core Subject Update

     Todd Francone, MD, Burlington, MA

     Cindy Kin, MD, Stanford, CA

     Amy Thorsen, MD, Minneapolis, MN

     Crohn’s Disease
     Karim Alavi, MD, Worcester, MA

     Rebecca Hoedema, MD, Grand Rapids, MI

     Advanced Colon and Rectal Cancer
     Gregory Kennedy, MD, PhD, Madison, WI


Healthcare Economics in the ACA Era

     Affordable Care Act: What it Means and How We Can Cope
     Stephen Sentovich, MD, Duarte, CA

     Moving from Volume to Value; How We will be Paid Differently
     Frank Opelka, MD, New Orleans, LA

     Meaningful Use and its Impact on the Physician Practice
     Guy Orangio, MD, New Orleans, LA

     ICD-10; Delayed, but Not Forgotten
     David Maron, MD, Weston, FL

     New Models of Care Delivery
     Jeffrey L. Cohen, MD, Hartford, CT

     Update on the Two Midnight Rule
     W. Brian Perry, MD, San Antonio, TX


Quality Initiatives in Clinical Practice

     Building the Systems and Culture of Prevention
     Elizabeth Wick, MD, Baltimore, MD

     Six Sigma, Lean, Rapid Results: What Do They All Mean?
     Nancy Baxter, MD, PhD, Toronto, ON, Canada

     Steps to a Successful Quality Improvement Project
     Robert Cima, MD, Rochester, MN

     Measuring Success of Quality Improvement
     Mary Kwaan, MD, Minneapolis, MN

     Leveraging IT to Improve Outcomes
     Allison McCoy, PhD, New Orleans, LA

     Improving Outcomes: Decreasing Readmission
     Deborah Nagle, MD, Boston, MA

     Improving Outcomes: Decreasing Length of Stay
     Julie Thacker, MD, Durham, NC

     Improving Processes: Leveraging the Electronic Medical Record
     Stefan Holubar, MD, Lebanon, NH


Laparoscopic Nuts & Bolts and Robotic Rivets

     Lap Right Colectomy: Complete Mesocolic Excision
     Hermann Kessler, MD, PhD, Cleveland, OH

     Single Incision Colectomy: Steps to Success for the Right and Transverse Colon
     Jamie Murphy, MD, London, United Kingdom

     Taking Control: Clip, Seal, or Staple the Large Vessels?
     Karin Hardiman, MD, PhD, Ann Arbor, MI

     Laparoscopic Ileocolic Resection for Crohn’s Disease: What to Do When
     It’s Really Stuck

     Sanghyun Kim, MD, New York, NY

     Laparoscopic Hartmann’s Reversal
     Armen Aboulian, MD, Cleveland, OH

     Laparoscopic IPAA: Making the Pouch Reach Every Time
     David Larson, MD, Rochester, MN

     Splenic Flexure: The Inside Passage, IMV Gateway to the Lesser Sac
     Armando Melani, MD, Barretos, Brazil

     Splenic Flexure: Give Me a Hand (HALS)
     Kelly Garrett, MD, New York, NY

     Splenic Flexure: A Robot in Your Corner
     Meagan Costedio, MD, Cleveland, OH

     TME: A Hand for the Holy Planes (HALS)
     Matthew Mutch, MD, St. Louis, MO

     TME: Mr. Roboto
     David Etzioni, MD, Phoenix, AZ

     TME: Laparoscopic Cylindrical APR. Nothing to Waist
     Yi-Qian Nancy You, MD, Houston, TX

     Laparoscopic Parastomal Hernia Repair
     Scott Steele, MD, Fort Lewis, WA

     Laparoscopic Stapling of the Low Rectum: Maximizing the Odds of Using a
     Minimum of Staple Loads

     David Maron, MD, Weston, FL

     Laparoscopic Colorectal Anastomosis: There’s an Air-Leak. Now What?
     Jason Hall, MD, Burlington, MA

     Robotic Mishaps: Getting Into and Out of Trouble
     Alessio Pigazzi, MD, PhD, Orange, CA

     Laparoscopic Rectopexy: Anterior or Posterior Approach?
     Christopher Cunningham, MBChB, Oxford, United Kingdom


Complications: Prevention and Management

     Locally Advanced and Recurrent Rectal Cancers: Avoiding and Treating
     Complications in the Difficult Pelvis

     Heidi Nelson, MD, Rochester, MN

     The Problematic Low Rectal Anastomosis: Dealing with Stacking, Stenosis,
     Bleeding and Disruption

     Kirk Ludwig, MD, Milwaukee, WI

     Management of the Stenotic, Bleeding, Leaking or Fistulizing Colonic

     Michael McGee, MD, Chicago, IL

     Understanding Perioperative Anticoagulation with Emphasis on
     Novel Anticoagulants, Anti-platelet Agents, Drug Eluting Stents, and DVT

     Teresa Carman, MD, Cleveland, OH

     C. Difficile Colitis: Resect, Divert, Antibiotics, or Transplant?
     Mark Manwaring, MD, Greenville, NC

     Global Surgery Challenges in 2015
     Rudolph Rustin, MD, Huye, Rwanda

     How Do We Prevent Perioperative Anastomotic Complications: Surgical
     Technique and/or Manipulation of the Microbiome?

     John Alverdy, MD, Chicago, IL

     Optimization of Patient Satisfaction Despite Adversity: Complication
     Prevention and Management in the Era of Surgical Outcome Tracking

     James Merlino, MD, Chicago, IL


Current Advances in the Management of Fecal Incontinence

     How Do We Assess Fecal Incontinence to Individualize Treatment Plans?
     Ian Paquette, MD, Cincinnati, OH

     What About Sphincter Repair, Radiofrequency, and the Artificial Bowel

     Anders Mellgren, MD, PhD, Chicago, IL

     What are the Newest Treatments (Injectables and Sacral Nerve Stimulation)?
     Klaus Matzel, MD, Erlangen, Germany

     What are the Options when the Primary Surgical Options Fail
     (an Algorithm for Choices)

     Alex Ky, MD, New York, NY

     Are Stem Cells Going to be Available Soon?
     Massarat Zutshi, MD, Cleveland, OH


The Genetics of Colorectal Cancer and Cancer Related Syndromes

     Colorectal Cancer Genetics: Making Sense of the Alphabet Soup
     James Church, MD, Cleveland, OH

     Recognizing the Red Flags: Does My Patient Have Hereditary Colorectal Cancer?
     Heather Hampel, MS, LGC, Columbus, OH

     Polyposis Syndromes: When to Operate, How Much to Take, and Why
     Timothy Sadiq, MD, Chapel Hill, NC

     Lynch Syndrome/HNPCC: When to Operate, How Much to Take, and Why
     Molly Cone, MD, Nashville, TN

     Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Surveillance: You’ve Done the Colectomy,
     So Now What?

     Craig Messick, MD, Houston, TX


Technical Pearls – How it’s Really Done

     Transabdominal Approaches to Rectal Prolapse – Cutting Edge vs Tried and True
     Mark Arnold, MD, Columbus, OH

     Approaches to Complex Fistula Disease: Outcomes and My Preferred Options
     Susan Gearhart, MD, Baltimore, MD

     Bowel Preservation in Crohn’s Disease – Complex Decisions for Complex

     Robin McLeod, MD, Toronto, ON, Canada

     Parastomal Hernia Repair – Local Repair versus Stoma Resite
     Kirk Ludwig, MD, Milwaukee, WI

     Finding the Ureter and Taking Down the Splenic Flexure in the
     Reoperative Abdomen

     Charles Friel, MD, Charlottesville, VA

     Laparoscopy in the Super Obese – Tips to Get it Done
     Conor Delaney, MD, PhD, Cleveland, OH

     A Simple Operation that Needs More Work – the Perfect Ileostomy
     John Pemberton, MD, Rochester, MN

     Transanal Excision and Tumor Scatter – How to Achieve a Negative Margin
     Theodore Saclarides, MD, Maywood, IL

     Gracilis Interposition to Treat Complex Fistula Disease
     Steven Wexner, MD, Weston, FL


Abstract Session: Neoplasia I

     S1 Impact of Hospital Volume on Quality Indices for Rectal Cancer Surgery in
     British Columbia, Canada

     R. McColl*, M.J. Raval, T.P. Phang, A.A. Karimuddin, C.J. Brown, C. Mcgahan, E. Cai,
     Vancouver, BC, Canada

     S2 Transanal Endoscopic Microsugery (TEM) following Neoadjuvant
     Chemoradiation for Rectal Cancer – Is Salvaging Local Recurrences Too
     Little Too Late?

     R. Perez, A. Habr-Gama*, G.P. São Julião, I. Proscurshim, L.M. Fernandez,
     J. Gama-Rodrigues,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

     S3 Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision: The Oxford Experience
     N.C. Buchs*, G. Nicholson, T. Yeung, N. Mortensen, C. Cunningham, O. Jones,
     S. Ashraf, R. Guy, R. Hompes, Oxford, United Kingdom

     S4 Determining the Optimal Timing for Initiation of Adjuvant Chemotherapy after
     Resection for Stage II/III Colon Cancer

     Z. Sun*, M. Abdelgadir Adam, J. Kim, D. Nussbaum, E. Benrashid, C.R. Mantyh,
     J. Migaly, Durham, NC

     S5 Observation versus Surgical Resection in Patients with Rectal Cancer Who
     Achieved Complete Clinical Response after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy: 
     Preliminary Results of a Randomized Trial (NCT02052921)

     S.C. Nahas, C.S. Nahas*, U. Ribeiro, Jr., C. Sparapan Marques, G. C. Cotti,
     C. Ortega, R. Azambuja, A. Chen, P. Hoff, I. Cecconello, Sao Paulo, Brazil

     S6 Surgical Resection of the Primary Tumor in Stage IV Colorectal Cancer
     without Metastasectomy is Associated with Improved Overall Survival Compared 
     to Chemotherapy/Radiation Therapy Alone

     B.C. Gulack*, D. Nussbaum, J.E. Keenan, A.M. Ganapathi, Z. Sun, M. Worni, J. Migaly,
     C. Mantyh, Durham, NC

     S7 Correlation between Extramural Vascular Invasion (EMVI) and DNA
     Hypermethylation in Rectal Cancer

     H.G. Jones*, R. Radwan, G. Jenkins, N. Williams, P. Griffiths, J. Beynon,
     D. Harris, Swansea, United Kingdom

     S8 Waist Hip Ratio Better Predicts Oncological Quality of Resection and
     Outcome after Colon Cancer Surgery than Body Mass Index

     N. Hetsch, D. Leonard*, A. Kartheuser, A. van Maanen, Brussels, Belgium;
     H. Paterson, Edinburgh, United Kingdom; F. Penninckx, Leuven, Belgium


Norman D. Nirgro, MD, Research Lectureship

     The Evolution of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Colorectal Cancer:
      Past, Present, and Future

     Introduction: Steven Wexner, MD

     Professor Antonio Lacy, MD, PhD, Barcelona, Spain


After Hours Debate

     Surgical Skills Testing
     Helen MacRae, MD, Toronto, ON, Canada vs Charles Whitlow, MD, New Orleans, LA

     Laparoscopic Surgery for Stage 3 Rectal Cancer
     Richard Whelan, MD, New York, NY vs Scott Steele, MD, Fort Lewis, WA