2015 Tuesday Annual Meeting Videos

2015 Tuesday Annual Meeting Videos | ASCRS


Tuesday, June 2, 2015 
ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting Recordings


Anorectal Disorders: Balancing Innovation with Conventional Wisdom

     Latest Advances in Guided Hemorrhoid Ligation
     Vincent Obias, MD, Washington, DC

     Hemorrhoidectomy – Do We Need to Reinvent the Wheel?
     Syed Husain, MD, Columbus, OH

     Management of Chronic Anal Fissures, to Rub on, Inject in,
     or Cut Through

     Elizabeth Raskin, MD, St. Paul, MN

     Injectable and Implantable Treatments for Fecal Incontinence
     Nishit Shah, MD, Providence, RI

     Management of Fistula-in-Ano: From Shakespeare to the Space Shuttle
     Brian Kann, MD, New Orleans, LA

     Ventral Rectopexy for Obstructed Defecation
     P. Ronan O'Connell, MD, Dublin, Ireland

Update on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

     Genetics of IBD – What Have We Learned?
     David Stewart, Sr., MD, Hershey, PA

     Immunomodulators and Biologic Agents for Intestinal Disease –
     Surgery vs Drugs

     Sekhar Dharmarajan, MD, St. Louis, MO

     Chronic Pouchitis – What Is it and How Do I Treat it?
     David Dietz, MD, Cleveland, OH

     Perianal Crohn’s Disease – Has Biologic Therapy Changed our
     Surgical Principles?

     Justin Maykel, MD, Worcester, MA

     Restorative Proctocolectomy – 3 Stage vs 2 Stage vs 1 Stage
     Timothy Geiger, MD, Nashville, TN


 Ernestine Hambrick, MD, Lectureship

     Diverticulitis: What’s New?
     Introduction: Ann Lowry, MD
     Lisa Strate, MD, MPH
     Seattle, WA


Controversies in Rectal Cancer Management

     The CRM is Widely Clear: Is Routine Preoperative Radiotherapy Still

     Peter Sagar, MD, Leeds, United Kingdom

     Preoperative Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer: When to Go Short and
     When to Go Long.

     Alexander Heriot, MD, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

     I Don’t See Residual Tumor, What Should I Do?
     Julio Garcia-Aguilar, MD, PhD, New York, NY

     Managing Minimally Invasive TME: Top Down or Bottom Up?
     John R.T. Monson, MD, Rochester, NY

     Adjuvant Chemotherapy Following Neoadjuvant CXRT for Rectal
     Cancer: Does Anybody Benefit?

     Yi-Qian Nancy You, MD, Houston, TX


Ostomies: Location, Creation and Complications 

     Patient Education and Stoma Site Selection
     A. Murray Corliss, RN, CWOCN, Boston MA

     Ostomy Selection, Construction and Technical Challenges
     Neil Hyman, MD, Chicago, IL

     Parastomal Hernias: The Controversy Continues
     Michael Rosen, MD, Cleveland, OH

     Other Stoma Complications Other Than Hernia
     Walter Peters, Jr., MD, Columbia, MO


Abstract Session: General Surgery Forum

     GS1 Bariatric Surgery Modulates IBD Associated Microbiome Patterns in a
     Murine Model

     A. Vinci*, S. Li, M.J. Stamos, A. Pigazzi, Orange, CA; S. Jellbauer,
     M. Raffatellu, Irvine, CA

     GS2 Combining Old with New: Bowel Rest and Biologic Therapy Aid in
     the Surgical and Medical Management of Penetrating Ileocolic Crohn’s Disease

     M.D. Wagner*, M. McNally, J. Duncan, Bethesda, MD, N. Jaqua, M. Ally,
     J. Betteridge, Bethesda, MD

     GS3 Laparoscopic Radical Resection after Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery:
     Is it Feasible and Safe?

     M. Masse*, A. Bouchard, A. Laliberté, A. Lebrun, S. Drolet, Quebec, QC, Canada

     GS4 Adjuvant Chemoradiation in the Management of T2N0 Rectal Cancer:
     A Population Based Clinical Outcomes Study Involving 4,054 Patients from
     the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Result (SEER) Database (1973–2010)

     K. Mahendraraj*, V. Chakravorty, N. Ghalyaie, R.S. Chamberlain, West Orange, NJ

     GS5 Does Cyanoacrylate Glue Reinforcement Reduce Anastomotic Failure?
     Results of an
Experimental Comparative Study
     W. Gaertner, Minneapolis, MN; E. Nunez-Garcia, I. Baley-Spindel, J. Medina-Leon,
     R. Sordo-Mejia*, Mexico City, DF, Mexico

     GS6 Colonoscopy after Left-Sided Diverticulitis: Utility or Futility?
     A.S. Walker*, J. Bingham, K. Janssen, E.K. Johnson, S.R. Steele, Tacoma, WA;
     J.A. Maykel, Worcester, MA; O. Ocampo, West Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines;
     J.P. Gonzalez, Cebu, Philippines

     GS7 Robotic versus Open Total Mesorectal Excision: A Comparison of Clinical
     and Pathologic Outcomes

     J.L. Agnew* F.M. Chory, P.D. Strombom, G. Bonomo, New York, NY; K.A. Melstrom,
     W.E. Enker, J.E. Martz, New York, NY

     GS8 Relative Benefits and Risks of Alternative Modes of Bowel Preparation to
     Prevent SSI following Elective Colorectal Resection

     N. Esnaola, Philadelphia, PA; S. Koller*, R. Smith, S. Jayarajan, M. Philp,
     H.M. Ross, H. Pitt, Philadelphia, PA


Masters in Colorectal Surgery Lectureship Honoring David J. Schoetz, Jr., MD

     The Value of Mentorship
     Introduction: Thomas Read, MD
     Patricia L. Roberts, MD
     Medicine, Boston, MA


Anal Cancer: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

     Anatomic and Histologic Definitions
     John Migaly, MD, Durham, NC

     Who Should be Screened for Anal Cancer?
     Rocco Ricciardi, MD, Burlington, MA

     How to Do the Screening and Who Should Do It?
     Bruce Robb, MD, Indianapolis, IN

     How Do We Manage Pre-Cancerous Lesions?
     Natalie Kirilcuk, MD, Stanford, CA

     What Is the Treatment and Expected Outcomes of Patients with Anal
     Cancer Both Immuncompetent and Immunocompromised?

     Larissa Temple, MD, New York, NY


Abstract Session: Inflammatory Bowel Disease

     S27 IBD: A Growing and Vulnerable Cohort of Hospitalized Patients
     with Clostridium Difficile Infection

     A. Mabardy*, J. Coury, L. Ozcan, J. McCarty, A. Merchant, C. Armstrong,
     A. Hackford, H. Dao,
Boston, MA

     S28 Clostridium Difficile Infection in Ulcerative Colitis: Can Alteration
     of the Gut-Associated Microbiome Contribute to Pouch Failure?

     K. Skowron*, M. Rubin, R.D. Hurst, N. Hyman, K. Umanskiy, Chicago, IL;
     B. Lapin, Evanston, IL

     S29 Does Stool Leakage Increase in Aging Ileal Pouches?
     H. Kim*, L. Sun, B. Gurland, T.L. Hull, M. Zutshi, Cleveland, OH

     S30 Proctocolectomy: Impact on Relationship Quality in Ulcerative Colitis
     Patients and their Partners

     J.N. Cohan*, J. Rhee, E. Finlayson, M.G. Varma, San Francisco, CA

     S31 Rates of Colectomy for Ulcerative Colitis in the Era of Biologic Therapy
     C. Kin*, M.L. Welton, C. Woo, Stanford, CA; A.L. Lightner, Los Angeles, CA

     ESCP Best Paper
     S32 The Healing Effect of Mesenchymal Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cells
     on Colonic Anastomosis Under Ischaemic Condition

     Tony W.C. Mak*, Don W.C. Chin, Janet F.Y. Lee, Paul B.S. Lai,
     Anhony W.I. Lo, Ping Kuen Lam,
Simon S.M. Ng, Shatin, Hong Kong

     S33 Kono-S Anastomosis Devised for Surgical Prophylaxis of Anastomotic
     Recurrence in Crohn’s Disease: A Multicenter Study in Japan and the
     United States

     T. Kono*, Sapporo, Japan; A. Fichera, M. Krane, Seattle, WA; K. Maeda, Nagoya,
     Japan; Y. Sakai,
Kyoto, Japan; H. Ohge, Hiroshima, Japan; M. Shimada,
     Tokushima, Japan; D. Rubin, Chicago, IL; A. Maemoto, Sapporo, Japan; F.
     Michelassi, New York, NY

     S34 Ileostomy Closure Site Fascial Reinforcement with Cross Linked Acellular
     Porcine Dermis Biologic Mesh Yields No Incisional Hernias at 1 Year of Follow-Up

     M. Brozovich*, Wexford, PA


Abstract Session: Research Forum

     RF1 Lymph Node Stromal Cell Microvesicles Mediate Colon Cancer Metastasis
     D. Margolin, P.E. Miller, H. Green-Matrana, E. Flemington, X. Zhang, L. Li*,
     New Orleans, LA

     RF2 Diverticulitis and Crohn’s Disease Have Distinct But Overlapping Tumor Necrosis 
     Superfamily 15 (TNFSF15) Haplotypes

T.M. Connelly*, Dublin, Ireland; C.S. Choi, A. Berg, J. Coble, W. Koltun, Hershey, PA

     RF3 Combination Therapy for Colorectal Cancer Metastasis using an Orthotopic
D. Margolin, B.A. Reuter, L. Li*, X. Zhang, New Orleans, LA

     RF4 Depletion of let-7 microRNAs in the Intestinal Epithelium Promotes
     Upregulation of Oncofetal mRNAs and Intestinal Carcinogenesis

A.N. Jeganathan*, R. Mizuno, A.K. Rustgi, Philadelphia, PA; B.B. Madison,
     St. Louis, MO

     RF5 Mesenchymal Stem Cells following Local Electrical Stimulation Improves
     Function in a 
Rat Anal Sphincter Injury Model at a Time Remote from Injury
L. Sun*, Z. Xie, M. Zutshi, M. Damaser, Cleveland, OH

     RF6 Antitumor Activity of Dietary Phytochemicals in Colorectal Cancer
B. Megna*, C. Diaz-Diaz, P. Carney, M. Nukaya, G.D. Kennedy, Madison, WI

     RF7 Mesna and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Assists in Delayed Submucosal
in a Rabbit Cecal Model
G. Subhas*, M. Patel, J.S. Bhullar, V. Mittal, Southfield, MI

     RF8 Genetic Heterogeneity in Rectal Cancer –Identification of Subpopulations
     of Tumor Cells Resistant to Neoadjuvant CRT

R. Perez*, F. Bettoni, A. Camargo, E. Donnard, B. Correia, F. Koyama, P. Galante,
     A. Habr-Gama, J. Gama-Rodrigues, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Medical Legal Symposium: How to Protect Yourself

     Professional Liability
     Michael Stamos, MD, Orange, CA

     Medical Documentation Billing
     Guy Orangio, MD, New Orleans, LA

     Employment Contracting
     Martin Luchtefeld, MD, Grand Rapids, MI

     Insurance Contracting
     Frank Opelka, MD, New Orleans, LA


Anal Fistulas: Diagnosis, Imaging and Therapy – Rational Approaches

     Fistulotomy – Does it Still Have a Place?
     M. Benjamin Hopkins, MD, Raleigh, NC

     Setons – How and When
     Jason Hall, MD, Burlington, MA

     Advancement Flaps – 90% Success! Really?
     Rebecca Hoedema, MD, Grand Rapids, MI

     Fistula Plugs and Glue
     Michael Snyder, MD, Houston, TX

     Sean Langenfeld, MD, Omaha, NE

     New Innnovations for Fistulas
     James McCormick, DO, Pittsburgh, PA


After Hours Debate

     Anal Fissure – Is It a Surgical Disease?
     Phillip Fleshner, MD, Los Angeles, CA vs Neil Hyman, MD, Chicago, IL

     Rectal Prolapse in the Robotic Age
     Bradley Champagne, MD, Cleveland, OH vs Todd Francone, MD, Burlington, MA