2015 Wednesday Annual Meeting Videos

2015 Wednesday Annual Meeting Videos | ASCRS

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 
ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting Recordings

Colon Cancer: Staging, Techniques and the Role of Adjuvant Therapy

     Preoperative Staging: What Does the Surgeon Need to Know?
     Lawrence Schwartz, MD, New York, NY

     Going Beyond MIS in Colon Cancer Surgery: Less is More
     Peter Marcello, MD, Burlington, MA

     Total Mesocolic Resection for Colon Cancer: Magic Bullet?
     Hermann Kessler, MD, PhD, Cleveland, OH

     Stage II Colon Cancer. Who Needs Adjuvant Chemo and Why?
     Blase Polite, MD, Chicago, IL

     Molecular Classification of Colorectal Cancer: Current Status
     David Shibata, MD, Tampa, FL


Abstract Session: Outcomes

     S35 Frailty Predicts Death, Disability and Institutionalization in Patients
     Undergoing Elective Colectomy

     D. Mukkai Krishnamurty*, Z. Torgersen, S.J. Langenfeld, A. Kallam,
     J. Johanning, R.A. Forse, Omaha, NE

     S36 Decreased Narcotic Consumption with the Addition of IV-
     Acetaminophen in Colorectal Patients: A Prospective, Randomized,
     Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Study

     C. Juergens, C. Ogg, W. Sergent, J. Ying, A.H. Aryaie*, S. Lalezari, T. Husted,
     C. Ratermann, Cincinnati, OH

     S37 Patients Prefer Propofol for Conscious Sedation at Colonoscopy When
     Compared to Midazolam and Fentanyl

     C. Schroeder*, R. Tocco-Bradley, J. Obear, C. Kaoutzanis, R.K. Cleary, 
     K. Welch, Ann Arbor, MI

     S38The Temporary Cessation of Clopidogrel and the Risk of Thrombotic or
     Bleeding Events in Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy

     P.E. Miller*, M. Bailey, M. Thomas, S. Pawlak, D. Beck, T. Hicks, H. Vargas,
     C. Whitlow, D. Margolin, New Orleans, LA

     S39 Extending the Mandate for Extended-Duration Thromboprophylaxis:
     Risk Factors for Post-Discharge Venothromboembolism in Colorectal

     J.C. Iannuzzi*, C.T. Aquina, A.S. Rickles, B.J. Hensley, K. Noyes,
     J. Monson, F. Fleming, Rochester, NY

     S40 A Model of Cost Reduction and Standardization: Improved Cost
     Savings While Maintaining the Quality of Care

     M. Guzman*, K. Umanskiy, Chicago, IL; M. Gitelis, J.G. Linn,
     M.B. Ujiki, J.P. Muldoon, Evanston, IL

     S41 Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail: A Single Blinded Randomized
     Controlled Trial to Determine the Impact of a Preoperative Instructional
     Video on Resident's Ability to Perform Laparoscopic Colectomy

     B. Crawshaw*, C.P. Delaney, W.C. Mustain, A.J. Russ, S. Shanmugan, B.J.
     Champagne, Cleveland, OH; S.R. Steele, Tacoma, WA; D. Lee, Albany, NY

     S42 Surgical Specialization Increases Lymph Node Yield: Evidence From
     a National Database

     A.N. Jeganathan*, S. Shanmugan, J. Bleier, G.M. Hall, E.C. Paulson,
     Philadelphia, PA


ASCRS/SSAT Symposium Challenges and Controversies:
Surgical Management of Advanced Disease and Recurrent Cancer

     New Chemotherapy Paradigms for Stage 4 Disease: Can the Surgeon Help by
     Reducing Tumor Burden and Does this Make Sense?

     Cathy Eng, MD, Houston, TX

     Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Somatic Alteration in Colorectal
     Cancer with and without Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

     Yury Shelygin, MD, Moscow, Russia

     Managing Liver Metastases: Staged Resection, Combined Resection,
     or Liver First?

     Michael D'Angelica, MD, New York, NY

     Contemporary Management of Carcinomatosis from Colon or
     Rectal Cancer: What Is Reasonable and Possible?

     Kiran Turaga, MD, Milwaukee, WI

     Chasing Advanced Lymph Node Disease: When and Why?
     Alessandro Fichera, MD, Seattle, WA


Abstract Session: Video Session

     ASCRS Barton Hoexter, MD Best Video Award
     WV1 Martius Flap For Rectovaginal Fistulas
     K. Kniery*, E.K. Johnson, S. Steele, Tacoma, WA

     WV2 Robotic-Assisted Repair of Rectal Prolapse
     J. Mino*, M. Zutshi, B. Gurland, Cleveland, OH

     WV3 Transperineal Minimally Invasive Approach in Miles Operation
     S. Hasegawa*, R. Takahashi, K. Hida, K. Kawada, Y. Sakai, Kyoto, Japan;
     S. Kato, Y. Kadokawa,
Y. Asao, Tenri, Japan

     WV4 Laparoscopic Repair of Perineal Hernia
     S. Brathwaite*, S. Husain, A. Harzman, Columbus, OH

     WV5 Full Thickness Excision for Benign Colon Polyps Using Combined
     Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery

     P.R. O'Mahoney*, J.W. Milsom, J.D. Smith, S.W. Lee,
     New York, NY

     WV6 Robotic-Assisted Low Anterior Resection with Transanal Extraction:
     Single Stapling Technique and Fluorescence Evaluation of Bowel Perfusion

     M.D. Jafari*, J.C. Carmichael, A. Pigazzi, Orange, CA

     WV7 Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery with Inadvertent Rectal 
     Injury and Repair

     M. Harfouche*, M. Philp, H.M. Ross, Philadelphia, PA

     WV8 Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection, Transanal Total Mesorectal
     Endoscopic Resection for Low Rectal Cancer

     M.H. Hanna*, G. Hwang, L. Malellari, A. Pigazzi, Orange, CA

     WV9 Wide Local Excision of Perianal Paget’s Disease with Gluteal
     Flap Reconstruction

     G. Melich*, K. Kochar, J. Calata, A. Pai, J. Park, L. Prasad, S. Marecik, PPark Ridge, IL


Optimizing Treatment for Rectal Prolapse, Constipation and Obstructed Defecation Syndrome

     Functional Disorders: What Tests are Necessary?
     Heidi Bahna, MD, Miami, FL

     Rectal Prolapse Abdominal Repairs: Fixation and Resection Techniques
     Brooke Gurland, MD, Cleveland, OH

     Rectal Prolapse Perineal Repairs: Still Relevant in the Era of Laparoscopy?
     Joseph Carmichael, MD, Orange, CA

     Constipation: Surgical Indications and Outcomes
     Massarat Zutshi, MD, Cleveland, OH 

     Obstructed Defecation: Is it Surgically Correctable?
     Liliana Bordeianou, MD, Boston, MA


Abstract Session: Neoplasia II

     S44 Colorectal Specialization Improves Survival in Colorectal Cancer
     G.M. Hall*, J. Bleier, A.N. Jeganathan, S. Shanmugan, E.C. Paulson,
     Philadelphia, PA

     S45 Enhanced Recovery Protocols in Colorectal Scheduled Surgery: Could
     We Do Better By Doing Less?

     J. Ramirez*, E. Redondo, P. Royo, J. Gracia, B. Calvo, P. Carrera, Zaragoza, Spain

     S46 Does CD10 Expression Predict Lymph Node Metastasis in Colorectal

     I. Bernescu*, A. Reichstein, M. Luchtefeld, J. Ogilvie, A. Davis, W. Chopp,
     Grand Rapids, MI

     S47 Robotic Colorectal Surgery: How Honest are the Authors’ Conclusions?
     An Assessment of Reporting and Interpretation of the Primary Outcomes

     B. Howe, J. Van Koughnett, London, ON, Canada; S.V. Patel, New York, NY;
     S. Wexner, Weston, FL

     S48 Features Associated with Metastases Among Well-Differentiated
     Neuroendocrine (Carcinoid) Tumors of the Appendix: The Significance
     of Small Vessel Invasion in Addition to Size

     D.A. Kleiman*, B.M. Finnerty, T. Beninato, R. Zarnegar, G. Nandakumar,
     T.J. Fahey, III, S.W. Lee, New York, NY

     S49 Relative Value of Restaging MRI, CT and PET after Preoperative
     Chemoradiation for Rectal Cancer

     D. Schneider*, A.C. Lynch, S. Warrier, A.G. Heriot, T. Akhurst, M. Michael,
     S. Ngan, East Melbourne,
VIC, Australia

     S50 Predictors of Outcome for Endoscopic Colorectal Stenting
     M.A. Abbas*, G. Kharabadze, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

     British Traveling Fellow
     S51 Outcome of Robotic versus Laparoscopic Abdominoperial Resection
     and Evaluation of Early Experience of Robotic Colorectal Surgery

     R. Mathew*, S.C. Chaudhri, Leicester, UK, S.H. Kim, Seoul, South Korea

     S52 Surgical Site Infection Rates following Implementation of a Colorectal
     Closure Bundle in Elective Colorectal Surgeries

     A. Ghuman*, C.J. Brown, A.A. Karimuddin, M.J. Raval, T.P. Phang,
     Vancouver, Canada


Enhanced Perioperative Care Pathways and Postoperative
Pain Management

     Essential Elements
     Robin Anderson, BSN, RN, Durham, NC

     Head of the Table – The Role of the Anesthesiologist in Achieving

     Robert Thiele, MD, Charlottesville, VA

     Multimodality Postoperative Pain Management
     Eric Haas, MD, Houston, TX

     Critical Review of Published Protocols
     Elizabeth Wick, MD, Baltimore, MD

     Details and Outcomes
     Conor Delaney, MD, PhD, Cleveland, OH


Is there a Paradigm Shift in the Management of Diverticular

     Learning from History – The Evolution of the Management of

     Patricia Roberts, MD, Burlington, MA

     Epidemiology and Etiology of Diverticular Disease – More than
     Nuts and Seeds

     Cary Aarons, MD, Philadelphia, PA

     Emergent Management of Acute Diverticulitis
     Scott Strong, MD, Cleveland, OH

     Elective Management of Diverticular Disease –Who Needs Surgery?
     David Flum, MD, Seattle, WA

     Right-Sided Disease, Postoperative Recurrences, Diverticular
     Disease in Younger Patients and Other Unusual Presentations

     James Yoo, MD, Boston, MA

     Is there a Paradigm Shift in the Management of Diverticular Disease Panel Discussion