2017 Annual Meeting Videos Monday

2017 Annual Meeting Videos Monday | ASCRS

Monday, June 12, 2017 
Annual Scientific and Tripartite Meeting Recordings 


Residents’ Breakfast 
I Want to Be Involved: Lessons From a Personal Journey
Charles Littlejohn, MD, Stamford, CT


Health Care Economics Update: What Every Colorectal Surgeon Needs to Know
What Is MACRA?
David Hoyt, MD, Chicago, IL

MACRA for the Small Practice
Donald Colvin, MD, Fairfax, VA

MACRA for the Employed Physician
Walter Peters, Jr., MD, Dallas, TX

Episodes of Care and the Future of Bundled Payments
Frank Opelka, MD, New Orleans, LA

Employment Models: What to Look for in a Contract
Jeffrey Cohen, MD, Wethersfield, CT


Coffee and Controversies
Inflammatory Boweecol Disease

Debate #1: Decisions Making in Management of Chronic Ulcerative Colitis: Biologics, Biologics and More Biologics vs. Surgery – Why Postpone a Cure?

Debate #2: Low Grade Dysplasia in Well-cpntrolled UC: Take it All (Including Mucosectomy) vs. Don’t Be So Radical! (Surveillance, Endoscopic Resection and Segmental Resection)


Abstract Session
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Early Surgical Intervention for Acute Ulcerative Colitis Improves Outcomes
I. Leeds, B. Truta, A. Parian, S.Y. Chen, J. Efron, S. Gearhart, B. Safar, S. Fang; Baltimore, MD

Diverting Ileostomy: An Alternative to Emergent Colectomy in the Setting of Acute Medically Refractory IBD-Related Colitis
T. Russell, A. Dawes, D.S. Graham, S.A. Angarita, C. Ha, J. Sack; Los Angeles, CA

What Is the Risk of Anastomotic Leak Following Repeat Intestinal Resection in Patients with Crohn’s Disease?
W.F. Johnston, C.E. Stafford, T.D. Francone, T.E. Read, P.W. Marcello, P.L. Roberts, R. Ricciardi; Burlington, MA

Major Abdominal and Perianal Surgery in Crohn’s Disease: Long-term Follow-up Among Australian Patients With Crohn’s Disease
J.W. Toh, N. Wang, C.J. Young, P. Stewart, M.J. Rickard, A. Keshava, V. Kirayawasam, R. Leong; Concord, New South Wales, Australia, Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia

Three-Dimensional Modelling for Crohn’s Fistula-in-Ano: A Novel, Interactive Approach
D.C. Lam, E. Yong, B. D’Souza, R. Woods; Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Crohn’s Disease of the Pouch: A True Diagnosis or an Oversubscribed Diagnosis of Exclusion?
A.L. Lightner, K.L. Mathis, T.C. Smyrk, J. Pemberton; Rochester, MN

Pouch Excision After Restorative Proctocolectomy: Indications, Complications and Outcomes
A. Al-Khamis, I. Kent, J. Munger, S. Gorfine, J. Bauer; New York, NY

Is Extended Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Indicated Following Colon Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
F. Ali, S. Al-Kindi, K. Ludwig, T. Ridolfi; Wauwatosa, WI, Cleveland, OH


Public Reporting of Surgical Outcomes
Understanding the Mechanics Behind Reporting Systems
Ian Paquette, MD, Cincinnati, OH

Public Reporting as a Driver of Quality Improvement
Peter Dawson, MD, Isleworth, United Kingdom

Potential Negative Unintended Consequences of Public Reporting
David Etzioni, MD, Pheonix, AZ

The Patient’s Perspective
Arden Morris, MD, Stanford, CA

Managing the Online Reputation of an Organization and Its Physicians
Lisa Allen, PhD, Baltimore, MD


Improving the Quality of Rectal Cancer Care
David Dietz, MD, Cleveland, OH
James Fleshman, MD, Dallas, TX

The Role of Transanal Resection Techniques in Rectal Cancer
Christine Jensen, MD, Coon Rapids, MN

Do All Patients With Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Need Neoadjuvant Therapy?
Deborah Schrag, MD, Boston, MA

Use of Decision Aids in Shared Decision Making for Patients With Rectal Cancer
Robin Boushey, MD, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Methods to Preserve the Sphincter in Low Rectal Cancer
Andre D’Hoore, MD, Leuven, Belgium

Watch and Wait: An Evidence-Based Approach
Julio Garcia-Aguilar, MD, PhD, New York, NYimproving\

Questions and Answers


Lars Pahlman, MD Lectureship
What to Do with a T2 Rectal Cancer?
Emmanuel Tiret, MD

Presidential Address
The Joys of a Surgical Career
Patricia L. Roberts, MD


Abstract Session

Colorectal Surgery Fellowship Improves In-hospital Mortality After Colectomy and Protectomy Irrespective of Hospital and Surgeon Volume
J.T. Saraidaridis, D. Hashimoto, D. Chang, L. Bordeianou, H. Kunitake; Boston MA

Is the Distance Worth It? Rectal Cancer Patients Traveling to High-Volume Centers See Improved Outcomes
Z. Xu, A.Z. Becerra, C.F. Justiniano, C. Boodry, C.T. Aquina, A.A. Swanger, L.K. Temple, F. Fleming; Rochester, NY 

Long-term Functional Outcomes After Rectal Surgery: Results From the Profiles Registry
T. Koëter, C. Bonhof, F. Mols, D. Zimmerman, I. Martijnse, B. Langenhoff, D. Schoormans, D. Wasowicz; Tillburg, Netherlands

Quality of Local Excision for Rectal Neoplasms Using Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Multi-Institutional Coarsened Exact Matched Analysis
L. Lee, S. Atallah, M.R. Albert, J. Hill, J.R. Monson; Orlando FL, Manchester, United Kingdom

Does the Addition of a Stoma Delay Discharge in Patients Treated in an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Pathway?
S.W. Rieder, N. Alkhamesi, E. Pearsall, M. Aarts, A. Okrainec, R. Mcloed, C.M. Schlachta; London, ON, Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

Patient Satisfaction With Propofol for Outpatient Colonoscopy: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Study
A. Padmanabhan, C. Frangopoulos, L. Shaffer; Columbus, OH, Chapel Hill, NC

The Effect of Intraperitoneal Local Anesthetic on Functional Postoperative Recovery Following Laparoscopic Colectomy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
J.A. Duffield, M. Thomas, J. Moore, R.A. Hunter, C. Wood, S. Gentili, M. Lewis; Glenelg East, South Australia, Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Long-term Deleterious Impact of Surgeon Care Fragmentation After Colorectal Surgery on Survival: Continuity of Care Continues to Count
C.F. Justiniano, Z. Xu, A.Z. Becerra, C.T. Aquina, C. Boodry, A.A. Swanger, L.K. Temple, F. Fleming; Rochester NY

Prophylactic Ureteral Stenting for Colectomy: An Analysis of NSQIP and Premier Datasets
K. Coakley, S. Sims, T. Prasad, K. Kasten, B. Heniford, B.R. Davis; Charlotte, NC

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Clinical Practice and Patient Care
I’m New to this Digital Game, Where Should I Start & What are the Rules of the Game?
Heather Evans, MD, Seattle, WA

SoMe in Surgery – Where are We Now?
Thomas Varghese, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Smart Phone Applications – Which Ones, Why and How?
Heather Yeo, MD, New York, NY

Scientific Advancement – What Do the Journals Think of Social & Electronic Media?
Des Winter, MD, Dublin, Ireland

There’s Too Much Data – How Do I Strike a Balance Without Being Overwhelmed?
Richard Brady, MD, New Castle, United Kingdom

Education Materials & Patient Information Websites/Videos – How Do I Not Reinvent the Wheel?
Joep Knol, MD, Hasselt, Belgium

Online Doctor Searches and Consumer-Driven Specialty Referrals – How Can I Ensure my Reputation Reflects my “Quality?”
Sean Langenfeld, MD Omaha, NE

Quality – How Does Individual Surgeon Data Work in the Big-Data and Publically Reported-Outcome World?
David Etzioni, MD, Phoenix, AZ


The ACS/CoC National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer: How it Works and an ASCRS Guide on How to Prepare for the Site Survey
The Role of the CoC in Cancer Management
Frederick Greene, MD, Charlotte, NC 

The Role of Pelvic MRI in Staging and Assessing Treatment Response in Rectal Cancer
Mark Gollub, MD, New York, NY

Education and Skills Assessment and Verification in Rectal Cancer Surgery
Conor Delaney, MD, Cleveland, OH

Pathological Assessment of the Resected Rectal Cancer Specimen: What Does it Tell Us About the Quality of Surgery
Mariana Berho, MD, Weston, FL

NAPRC Survey Readiness: The Roles of the Rectal Cancer Program Leader and the Coordinator
Samuel Oommen, MD, Walnut Creek, CA
Shell Portner, RN, Walnut Creek, CA

NAPRC Survey Update 
David Winchester, MD, Chicago, IL

The Current Status and Future Directions of the OSTRiCh
Feza Remzi, MD, New York, NY

The Role of the Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Conference Role in Improving Outcomes for Rectal Cancer Patients
James Fleshman, MD, Dallas, TX

Tailoring MDT Presentations for Success Based Upon Institutional Structure
John Monson, MD, Orlando, FL

Live Multidisciplinary Team Conference and Panel
Moderator: David Dietz, MD, Cleveland, OH
Panelists: Sudha Amarnath, MD, Cleveland, OH; Mariana Berho, MD Weston, FL; Conor Delaney, MD, Cleveland, OH; Mark Gollub, MD, New York, NY; Neil Hyman, MD, Chicago, IL; John Monson, MD, Orlando, FL; Arun Nagarajan, MD, Weston, FL; Feza Remzi, New York, NY


Abstract Session
Pelvic Floor

Perception of Patients and Diagnostic Accuracy of Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Study of Pelvic Floor Disorders: In Search of the Evidence
G.P. Martín-Martín, J. García-Armengol, J.V. Roig-Vila, F.X. González-Argenté; Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain, Valencia, Spain

Full-thickness Neorectal Prolapse After taTME and Transanal Transabdominal Proctosigmoidectomy for Low Rectal Cancer
M. Guraieb-Trueba, A.R. Helber, J.H. Marks; Monterrey, Mexico, Wynnewood, PA

Obstacles that Impact Treatment of Fecal Incontinence
P. Burgess, C. Jensen, A. Lowry, A. Thorsen, S. Vogler; St Paul, MN

Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Fecal Incontinence: The New York State Experience
Z. Xu, F. Fleming, A.Z. Becerra, C.T. Aquina, C.F. Justiniano, C. Boodry, L.K. Temple, J.R. Speranza; Rochester, NY

SDF-1 Plasmid Regenerates Both Smooth and Skeletal Muscle After Anal Sphincter Injury in the Long-term
L. Sun, M. Kuang, K. Philips, M.S. Damaser, M.S. Penn, M. Zutshi; Cleveland, OH

Perineal and Abdominal Approach for Rectal Prolapse: Equivalent Durability at One Year
M. Turner, Z. Sun, B.F. Gilmore, D. Chang, C.R. Mantyh, J. Migaly, H.G. Moore; Durham, NC

Is Resection Rectopexy Still an Acceptable Operation for Rectal Prolapse?
M.E. Carvalho e Carvalho, T. Hull, M. Zutshi, B.H. Gurland; Cleveland, OH


Quality of Care in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Optimal Timing of Elective Surgery in IBD
Alessandro Fichera, MD, Seattle, WA

Best Practices for Managing Severe Colitis
Samuel Eisenstein, MD, La Jolla, CA

Reducing Operative Risk for Intestinal Crohn’s Disease
Pokala Ravi Kiran, MD, New York, NY

State-of-the-Art Treatment of Large Bowel Neoplasia Complicating IBD
Akira Sugita, MD, Yokohama, Japan

Maximising Value in the Management of Anorectal Fistulas in Crohn’s Disease
Neil Mortensen, MD, Oxford, United Kingdom



Harry E. Bacon, MD, Lectureship
Seeking perfection in Health Care: Applying the Toyota Production System to Medicine
Gary Kaplan, MD

New Technologies
Initial Experience With 7T MRI Imaging of Rectal Cancer: A Promising Technology for Superior Staging
J.J. Blank, N.G. Berger, P. Knechtges, R. Prost, K. Oshima, C. Peterson, K. Ludwig, T. Ridolfi; Milwaukee, WI

Intraluminal Bypass Device for the Replacement of Diverting Stoma: Results From First Prospective Clinical Trial in 20 Patients
A. Reshef, G. Sabbag, K. Van der Speeten, N. Wasserberg, . Jelincic, . Tóth, I. Pinsk; Beer Sheva, Israel, Genk, Belgium, Petach Tikva, Israel, Zagreb, Croatia, Budapest, Hungary

Radio Frequency Ablatuion for High Grade Anal Intraepithelial Neoplaisia in HIV Patients: Short-term Outcomes
O. Vergara-Fernández, J. Molina-López, N. Salgado-Nesme, I. Ramos-Cruz, C. Sanjuan-Sanchez; Mexico City, Mexico

Minimal Invasive Treatment of Pilonidal Cysts and Hemorrhoids With a Laser 
A. Wilhelm; Cologne, Germany

A Novel Surgical Device Combining Continuous Intraoperative Wound Irrigation and Barrier Protection Markedly Reduces Incisional Contamination in Colorectal Surgery
H.T. Papaconstantinou, R. Ricciardi, D.A. Margolin, R. Bergamaschi, R. Moesinger, W.E. Lichliter, E. Birnbaum; Temple, TX, Burlington, MA, New Orleans, LA, Stony Brook, NY, Odgen, UT, Dallas, TX, St. Louis, MO

Cost-effective Solutions for Insufflation Stability and Smoke Evacuation During Transanal Surgery
Mr W F Anthony Miles, MD, Brighton, United Kingdom

First Clinical Experiences With a New Double Balloon Stabilization Device for Endoluminal Therapy
Toyooki Sonoda, MD, New York, NY

Preclinical Assessment of a Flexible Robot for Transanal Surgery
Vincent Obias, MD, Washington, DC; Patricia Sylla, MD, New York, NY

Digital Patient Engagement – Beyond Enhanced Recovery
Amir Bastawrous, MD, Seattle, WA