2017 Annual Meeting Videos Tuesday

2017 Annual Meeting Videos Tuesday | ASCRS

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 
Annual Scientific and Tripartite Meeting Recordings 


Coffee and Controversies
Debate #1: Quality Control: The Electronic Health Record: Who is Really Benefitting?

Debate #2: Public Reporting: The Public has a Right to Know


Methods to Reduce Pain & Suffering for Patients with Anal Fistula
Radiological Evaluation of Fistula – When and Why?
Robin Phillips, MD, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Fistulotomy – Is There Still a Role?
Herand Abcarian, MD, Chicago, IL

Setons – Draining and Cutting – What Is the Data?
Karin Hardiman, MD, PhD, Ann Arbor, MI

Endorectal Advancement Flaps – Over or Under-utilized?
Peter Sagar, MD, Leeds, United Kingdom

Plug, Glue, etc. – For History Only?
Kurt Davis, MD, New Orleans, LA

Quality of Life and Body Image Issues With Perianal Fistula
Jean Ashburn, MD, Cleveland, OH

The Future of Anal Fistula Treatment
Maher Abbas, MD, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerates


Improving the Quality of Life in Patients with Fecal Incontinence
Kelly Garrett, MD, New York, NY
Madhulika varma, MD, San Francisco, CA

Indications for First Line Therapy: Wrap or Zap?
Anders Mellgren, MD, PhD, Chicago, IL

The Pull of Magnetic Anal Sphincters
Paul-Antoine Lehur, MD, PhD, Nantes, France

Novel Therapies In and Out of the OR: Slings, Inserts, Injections and Stimulation
Ian Paquette, MD, Cincinnati, OH

Severity and Quality of Life: How Do Our Measures Stand-Up?
Tracy Hull, MD, Cleveland, OH

Questions and Answers


Abstract Session
Neoplasia II

Estrogen Replacement Therapy and Colon Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the PLCO Trial
M. Symer, J. Abelson, H. Yeo; New York, NY

Consensus Molecular Classification of Colorectal Cancer and Association With the Colonic Microbiome
R.V. Purcell, M. Visnovska, P. Biggs, S. Schmeier, F. Frizelle; Christchurch, New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Are We Over-Treating Polyp Cancer?
D. Speake, N. Ventham, Nair HS, C. Mulholland, J. Hallett, A Stewart, M A Potter, B J. Mander, F. V. N. Din, M. G. Dunlop, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Preoperative Intravenous Iron Improves Postoperative Quality of Life in Anaemic Colorectal Cancer Patients: Results From the IVICA trial
B.D. Keeler, J. Simpson, O. Ng, H. Padmanabhan, M.J. Brookes, A.G. Acheson; Nottingham, United Kingdom, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

The Incidence of Malignant Conversion of Anal Dysplasia to Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anus
M.J. Tomassi, D. Klaristenfeld, M. Batech; San Diego, CA

Squamous Cell Cancers of the Rectum Demonstrate Poorer Survival and Increased Need for Salvage Surgery Compared to Squamous Cancers of the Anus
A.S. Kulaylat, C. Hollenbeak, D. Stewart; Hershey, PA

Salvage Surgery for Anal SCC – A 30-Year Experience
G.R. Guerra, J.C. Kong, M. Bernardi, C. Lynch, S.Y. Ngan, S.K. Warrier, A. Heriot; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Survival Following Pelvic Exenteration for Locally Advanced and Recurrent Rectal Cancer: Analysis From and International Collaborative
M.E. Kelly, P. Collaborative; Dublin, Ireland


Masters in Colorectal Surgery Lectureship Honoring David A. Rothenberger, MD
Robert Madoff, MD


Louis A. Buie, MD, Lectureship
ERAS – What Henrik Kehlet Didn’t Tell You and What Has Happened Since Then
Andrew G. Hill, MD (thesis), EdD, FACS, FRACS


Abstract Session
Basic Science

In Vivo and In Vitro Efficacy of Dual PI3K/mTOR Inhibition in Novel Murine Models of Anal Cancer
B.L. Rademacher, A. Lim, H. Sleiman, J.A. Micka, W.S. Culberson, A. Romero, L.M. Meske, E.H. Carchman; Madison, WI

Can Butyrate Inhibit Colon Cancer Stem Cell? An In-Vitro Study
M. Srikummool, K. Kespechara, D. Surangkul, P. Kissalai, F. Othman, P. Limpanapa, S. Popluechai, A. Hiranyakas; Phitsanulok, Thailand, Phuket, Thailand, Chiang Rai, Thailand

D36: A Potential Modifier Gene in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis 
T. Connor, K. Bolton, B. Talseth-Palmer, M. Holmes, P.G. Pockney, R. Scott; Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Microsatellite Instability Detection in Colorectal Cancer by High-Resolution Capillary Electrophoresis
J. Toh, P. Singh, A. Limmer, C. Chan, P. Chapuis, K. Spring, Liverpool, NSW, Australia

Comp Gene Is Overexposed in Early Onset Colon Cancer and Associated With Poor Survival
V. Nfonsam, V. Pandit, M. Michailidou, J. Jandova; Tuscon, AZ

Demethylation Inhibits Migration and Invasion of DLD-1 Colorectal Cancer Cells In-Vitro
R. Kokelaar, H. Jones, J. Williamson, M.D. Evans, J. Beynon, D. Harris, G. Jenkins; Swansea, United Kingdom

Anal Sphincter Regeneration: A Comparative Study Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells
L. Sun, K. Philips, R.A. Somoza, A.I. Caplan, M.S. Damaser, M. Zutshi; Cleveland, OH

Human Derived Amniotic Membrane Is Associated With Decreased Postoperative Intraperitoneal Adhesions in a Rat Model
J.P. Kuckelman, J.P. Smith, K. Kniery, J. Kay, S. Lyon, Z. Hoffer, S.R. Steele, V. Sohn; Tacoma, WA, Cleveland, OH

Prevention & Repair of Symptomatic Parastomal Hernia
Elective Parastomal Hernia Repair: Useful or Futile?
Mark Gudgeon, MD, Surrey, United Kingdom

Can the Parastomal Hernia be Prevented? A Review of the Data
David Beck, MD, New Orleans, LA

Biologic, Synthetic or Absorbable Mesh: Is There a Preferred Option?
Angela Kuhnen, MD, Boston, MA

Mesh Related Ostomy Complications: How Can I Get Out of Trouble?
Patrick O’Dwyer, MD, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Reducing Surgical Site Infections
Colorectal SSI: What’s at Risk for You and Your Hospital?
Kirsten Wilkins, MD, Edison, NJ

Measurement: NSQIP and NHSN and What You Need to Know About Both
Clifford Ko, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Continuous Process Improvement
Robert Cima, MD, Rochester, MN

Colorectal SSI Bundles
Christopher Mantyh, MD, Durham, NC

Integrating Bundles into ERAS
Julie Thacker, MD, Durham, NC

Teamwork and Safety Culture: Should IT Be in Your Bundle?
Elizabeth Wick, MD, San Francisco, CA

Surgical Coaching: Is There a Role in SSI Prevention?
Jonathan Finks, MD, Ann Arbor, MI

Panel Discussions


ERAS: Taking Your Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) to the Next Level
Opioid-Free Anesthesia & Opioid-Sparing Analgesia
Anthony Roche, MD, Seattle, WA

The Science of Preop Carbohydrate Loading
Mattias Soop, MD, PhD, Manchester, United Kingdom

Ileus: The Achilles’ Heel of ERP for CRS
Traci Hedrick, MD, Charlottesville, VA

Sailing in a Stiff Wind: Applying ERP to Complex Cases
Andrew Hill, MD, Auckland, New Zealand

Putting It All Together: The McGill Experience
Alexander Liberman, MD, Montreal, QB, Canada

Show Me the Money (Saved): Investing in the Value of ERP
Stefan Holubar, MD, Lebanon, NH

Questions and Answers


Memorial Lectureship Honoring Eugene P. Salvati, MD
Kirsten Wilkins, MD

After Hours Debate
Surgical options for Rectal Cancer

Parviz Kamangar Humantities in Surgery Lectureship
Trust, Patients and Doctors: Building the Perfect Arch
Carlos Pellegrini, MD, FACS


John Goligher, MD, Lectureship
Guidelines, Resouces, and Statements – the ACPGBI Position
Peter Dawson, MD