2018 Annual Meeting Videos Saturday

2018 Annual Meeting Videos Saturday | ASCRS

Advanced Methods for the Management of Rectal Prolapse

Principles and Evolution of Procedures for Rectal Prolapse
Stanley Goldberg, MD, Minneapolis, MN

VR - Evolution of Technique and Long Term Outcomes
Andre D’Hoore, MD, Leuven, Belgium

Testing? What Helps Me Prior to Prolapse/VR Repair?   
Amy Thorsen, MD, Minneapolis, MN

Synthetic vs Biologic- The “Mesh" Debate
Jamie Ogilvie, MD, Grand Rapids, MI

Patient Selection – Is Everyone a Candidate for VR?
Anders Mellgren, MD, Chicago, IL

Management and Prevention of VR Complications
Elizabeth Raskin, MD, Loma Linda, CA

LVR Surgery Video: How I Do It 
Roel Hompes, MD, Oxford, United Kingdom

Is VR the Panacea for Obstructed Defecation Syndrome? 
Roel Hompes, MD, Oxford, United Kingdom

And it’s Back! Dealing with Recurrent Rectal Prolapse  
Brooke Gurland, MD, Stanford, CA

Robotic VR Surgery Video - How I Do It
Joseph Carmichael, MD, Orange County, CA

Top Ten Tips for VR - Synthetics  
Andre D’Hoore, MD, Leuven, Belgium

Top Ten Tips for VR - Biologics 
Andrew Stevenson, MD, Chermside, Australia

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Complications
Brooke Gurland, MD, Stanford, CA

Panel Discussion and Case Presentations
Liliana Bordeianou, MD, Boston, MA
James Ogilvie, MD, Grand Rapids, MI


Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (taTME)

taTME Evolution and Rationale  
Antonio Lacy, MD, Barcelona, Spain

Uptake of taTME: A Global Perspective 
Andrew Stevenson, MD, Brisbane, Australia

taTME: Outcomes to Date 
Roel Hompes, MD, Oxford, United Kingdom

Next Steps in Validation of taTME -  Europe 
Jurriaan Tuynman, MD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Next Steps in Validation of taTME-  US/Asia 
Patricia Sylla, MD, New York, NY

taTME Toolbox: Pelvic Anatomy 
Sam Atallah, MD, Winter Park, FL

Patient Selection for Benign and Malignant Indications 
Todd Francone, MD, Cleveland, OH

Standardizing Training and Technique 
Joep Knol, MD, Hasselt, Belgium

Safe Adoption and Implementation of a taTME Program 
Justin Maykel, MD, Worcester, MA

Not as Pretty as on YouTube: Preparing for and Managing Complications 
Elisabeth McLemore, MD, Los Angeles, CA

OR Team Set-up and Options in Instrumentation 
Rodrigo Perez, MD, Sao Paulo, Brazil

taTME for Mid-Rectal Tumors: Pursestring and Circumferential Dissection
Carl Brown, MD, Vancouver, Canada

taTME for Low Rectal Tumors: Mucosectomy and Intersphincteric Resection 
Mark Whiteford, MD, Portland, OR                                          

Anastomotic Reconstruction: Techniques and Troubleshooting  
Elena Vikis, MD, Vancouver, Canada


Health Care Policy

Update on Current Health Care Legislation
George Blestel, MD, Greer, SC

The Surgeon and the Opioid Epidemic 
Walter Peters, Jr., MD, Dallas, TX

Disparities in Care in Colorectal Surgery
Timothy Geiger, MD, Nashville, TN

Is a Single Payer System the Answer?
Kelly Tyler, MD, Springfield, MA

Access to Care: The Future of the Healthcare Insurance Market
Lawrence Van Horn, PhD, Nashville, TN


Critical Review of Scientific Manuscripts

Observational Studies: How and When are They Valuable?
David B. Stewart, MD, Hershey, PA

Administrative Database Studies:  A Plethora of Numbers, a Paucity of Detail
Rocco Ricciardi, MD, Boston, MA                             

Randomized Controlled Trials: It’s All in the Methods
Christine Jensen, MD, Coon Rapids, MN

Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses: Reproducibility, Reliability and Validity
Fergal Fleming, MD, Rochester, NY

Resources, Reviews & Publishers: Raising Your Game
Susan Galandiuk, MD, Louisville, KY


Leadership Symposium

Leadership - Defined
David A. Rothenberger, MD, Minneapolis, MN

Staying Put – Spending an Entire Career at a Single Institution
H. Randolph Bailey, MD, Houston, TX

Changing the Culture of an Institution or Department of Surgery - The Impossible Dream?
Robert D. Fry, MD, Philadelphia, PA

Dealing with Difficult Faculty
Herand Abcarian, MD, Chicago, IL 

Overcoming Negative Leadership
Alexa I. Canady-Davis, MD,  Pensacola, FL

Managing a Department of Surgery in Changing Times|
Hiram C. Polk, Jr. MD, Louisville, KY

Leadership in the New Millennium - Dealing with the ‘Generation Gap’
Anna M. Ledgerwood, MD, Detroit, MI

Panel Discussion


Question Writing: Do You Know How to Write the Perfect Exam Question?                                 
Key Concept – It is the Key to a Good Question 
Charles Friel, MD, Charlottesville, VA

The Stem – The Makings of a Good Question
Shane McNevin , MD, Spokane, WA

The Answers – They Can Ruin a Great Stem
Tracy Hull, MD, Cleveland, OH   

Finalizing Questions – Rescue and Salvage
Glenn Ault, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Critiques: Painful But Very Important
Kirsten Wilkins, MD, Edison, NJ