2018 Annual Meeting Videos Sunday

2018 Annual Meeting Videos Sunday | ASCRS

Advanced Endoscopy

How to Classify and Categorize Premalignant and Malignant Pilots
James Buxbaum, MD, Los Angeles, CA

From EMR to ESD: Learning Curve and How Do I Get There?
Jennifer Hrabe, MD, Iowa City, Iowa

Endoluminal Resection, Suturing, Clips and New Techniques for Hemostasis
I. Emre Gorgun, MD, Cleveland, OH

Endoluminal Stenting
Andreas M. Kaiser, MD, Los Angeles, CA

New Endoluminal Platforms
Sang Lee, MD, Los Angeles, CA


Core Subject Update

Ostomies and Stomal Therapy
Wolfgang Gaertner, MD, Minneapolis, MN

Benign Anorectal: Pruritis, Pilonidal, Hidradenitis
Stefan Holubar, MD, Cleveland, OH

Rectovaginal and Rectourethral Fistulas
Pasithorn Amy Suwanabol MD, Ann Arbor, MI

Medical Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Antonino Spinelli, MD, Milan, Italy

Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding 
Joseph Carmichael, MD, Orange, CA

Rectal Cancer: Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Therapy
Daniel Herzig, MD, Portland, OR


Contemporary Management of Lower GI Bleeding               

Taking a Cue from Upper GI Bleed Paradigm: Can We Develop a Scoring System for Guiding Management? 
Fergal Fleming, MD, Rochester, NY

Catching It In the Act: Best Methods for Localizing Lower GI Bleeding
Amanda Hayman, MD, Portland, OR

Role of Non-Operative Procedures: When is It Okay to Wake Up the Gastroenterologist or Radiologist?
Ian Paquette, MD, Cincinnati, OH

The Tipping Point: When to Operate and How to Choose Which Surgery to Do
Robert Madoff, MD, Minneapolis, MN

Maybe It’s Not the Colon: Evaluation for Occult Small Bowel Bleeding
Eric Weiss, MD, Weston, FL

Rectal Zebras: Other Causes of Significant Bleeding
Kyle Cologne, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Case Presentations and Panel Discussion

When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think Zebras…Uncommon/Atypical Colorectal Conditions

Rare and Unfortunate Cancers

Anal Melanoma
Linda Farkas, MD, Sacramento, CA

Rectal GIST
Alexander Hawkins, MD, Nashville, TN

Cancer in the J-Pouch
Emily Steinhagen, MD, Cleveland, OH

Colorectal Lymphoma
Jennifer Ayscue, MD, Washington, DC

Rectal Squamous Cell Cancer
Mehraneh Jafari, MD, Irvine, CA

Cancer in the Fistula Tract
Amy Lightner, MD, Rochester, MN

Unusual Diagnoses

Cecal Diverticulitis
Amit Merchea, MD, Jacksonville, FL

Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome - SRUS/CCP
Shafik Sidani, MD, Abu Dhabi

Microscopic Colitis
Samantha Quade, MD, Everett, WA

Cystic Retrorectal Neoplasia
Eric Dozois, MD, Rochester, MN

Long Term Implications of Imperforate Anus Repair
Andreas Kaiser, MD, Los Angeles, CA


Unique Procedural Complications and Consequences

Koch Gone Bad
Jean Ashburn, MD, Cleveland, OH

Anorectal Considerations from Gender Reassignment Surgery
Wolfgang Gaertner, MD, Minneapolis, MD          

Consequences of Cosmetic Anorectal/Colorectal Procedures
Zuri Murrell, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Post Rubber Band Ligation Sepsis
Joanne Favuzza, MD, Chicago, IL


Norman D. Nigro, MD, Research Lectureship

Gut Microbiome, Metabolomic and Colon Cancer: The Environmental Link?
Heidi Nelson, MD


Abstract Session - Neoplasia I

British Travelling Fellow: Patients with ‘Missed’ Interval Colorectal Cancers on the National Faecal Occult Blood Testing Programme May Not Be Truly Asymptomatic – Results from a Multicentre Study
A.T. George, S.Aggarwal, S.Dharmavaram, A.Menon, M.Dube, M.Vogler, A Field

Consolidation mFOLFOX6 Chemotherapy After Chemoradiotherapy Improves Survival in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer 
M. R. Marco, L. Zhou, P. S, J. Marcet, S. Oommen, S. R. Hunt, P. Cataldo, J. Garcia Aguilar

Accelerated Enhanced Recovery following Minimally Invasive Colorectal Cancer Surgery (RecoverMI): Results of a Prospective Phase 2 Randomized Controlled Trial 
B. K. Bednarski, T. P. Nickerson, C. A. Messick, Y. You, B. B. Speer, V. Gottumukkala, M. Manandhar, G. Chang 

Adjuvant Chemotherapy Improves Survival Following Resection of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer with Pathologic Complete Response 
M. Turner, J. E. Keenan, C. N. Rushing, B. C. Gulack, D. P. Nussbaum, E. Benrashid, T. Hyslop, J. H. Strickler, C. R. Mantyh, J. Migaly 

Impact of Tumour Deposits on Oncologic Outcomes in Stage III Colon Cancer
N. Wong-Chong, J. Motl, G. Hwang, J. Kelly, G. J. Nassif, M. R. Albert, L. Lee 1, J. R. Monson

Conditional Probability of Survival after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation and Proctectomy for Rectal Cancer: What Matters and When 
G. Karagkounis, D. Liska, M. Kalady

Spin in Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision Articles (TaTME): An assessment of the current literature S. Patel, D. Yu, L. Zhang, S. A. Chadi

Progression to Anal Cancer in High-Resolution Anoscopy Clinic: A 7-year Institutional Experience 
S. Carbunaru, H. Alshaikh, M. Paradis, J. Jones, U. Buchwald, N. Bumpus, I. Leeds, D. Levine, C. Hendrix, N. Cowell, C. Trimble

Bridge to Laparoscopic Surgery Stent Placement vs Emergency Surgery for Acute Malignant Colonic Obstruction: A Case-Matched Retrospective Study 
S. Yang , Y. Han, M. Cho, H. Hur, B. Min, K. Lee, N. Kim

Medicaid Expansion and Colorectal Cancer Screening 
Y. Zerhouni, A. H. Haider, J. Goldberg, J. Irani, R. Bleday, N. Melnitchouk


Anal and Rectovaginal Fistula Management from Simple to Complex

Surgical Anatomy of Anorectal Fistulas and Implications for Treatment
Joseph Carmichael, MD, Orange, CA

Treatment of “Simple” Fistulas - When to Cut, Fill, or Flap?
Bradley Champagne, MD, Cleveland, OH

Techniques for Complex Fistulas – LIFT, Bio-LIFT, Flaps
Scott Regenbogen, MD, Ann Arbor, MI

Emerging Technology in Fistula Management - Stem Cells, Biologic Therapy, FiLaC, VAAFT
Phil Tozer, MD, Harrow, United Kingdom

Special Consideration: Fistulizing Perianal Crohn’s Disease - Medical vs. Surgical Management
Daniel Geisler, MD, Houston, TX

Rectovaginal Fistula - Etiology and Treatment Options
Elizabeth Raskin, MD, Loma Linda, CA

Surgical Strategies for Complex Rectovaginal Fistula Repair
Tracy Hull, MD, Cleveland, OH


Complex Cases – I Need Help! Plastic Surgery for the Colorectal Surgeon 
Flaps for Pilonidal Disease, which Flap and When?
Jeffrey Barton MD, New Orleans, LA

Perianal Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Beyond the Basics
Frank Lau MD, New Orleans, LA

Recto Urethral or Recto Vaginal Fistulas - The Gracilis Muscle and More
Maher Abbas, MD, Dubai, United Arb Emirates

The Complicated Perineal Wound - Now What?
Jerrod Keith, MD, Iowa City, IA  

The Open Abdomen
Benjamin Poulose, MD, Nashville, TN

Abstract Session - Benign Disease

Propofol Administration by Anesthesiologist vs. Endoscopist During Colonoscopy: Does It Make A Difference? 
M. A. Abbas, M. Shalabi, D. Gopalan, P. Bianzon, F. Georgopoulos

Who Should Get Post-Discharge Thromboprophylaxis After Colorectal Surgery? Creation of a Risk Assessment Calculator 
P. Aggarwal, I. Wasserman, M. Wright, M. McCain, M. Shashidharan, C. Ternent

The Effect of Surgical Training and Operative Approach on Outcomes in Acute Diverticulitis - Should Guidelines Be Revised?
R. N. Goldstone, C. E. Cauley, Y. Altinel, D. Chang, H. Kunitake, R. Ricciardi, L. Bordeianou

Should They Stay Or Should They Go? The Utility of C Reactive Protein in Predicting Readmission and Anastomotic Leak After Colorectal Resection
H. J. Pantel, L. Jasak, R. Ricciardi, P. Marcello, P. L. Roberts, D. Schoetz, T. E. Read

Sessile Serrated Adenomas/Polyps: Reflections of the Degree of DNA Methylation in the Colorectal Mucosa 
P. M. Neary, D. schwarzberg, T. B. Cengiz, M. Kalady, J. Church

Early Results of a Phase I Trial Using an Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Coated Fistula Plug for the Treatment of Transphincteric Cryptoglandular Fistulas
E. J. Dozois, A. L. Lightner, K. L. Mathis, H. Chua, S. R. Kelley, J. Fletcher, A. Dietz, W. Faubion

High Rate of Reoperation Following Combined Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Hartmann’s Reversal Should Prompt Evaluation of a Staged Approach
T. Curran, C. Jensen, M. Kwaan, R. Madoff, W. B. Gaertner

The Effect of Nonoperative Management of Chronic Anal Fissure and Hemorrhoid Disease on Bowel Function Patient-Reported Outcomes
A. Swarup, S. J. Ivatury

Is Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Rectal Polyps an Alternative to Trans Anal Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Retrospective Comparative Study
R. Mittal, F. Manji, M. Antillon-Galdamez, J. W. Ogilvie

Multimodal Pain Management in a Colon and Rectal Surgery Enhanced Recovery Pathway: A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Epidural Analgesia versus Liposomal Bupivacaine Transversus Abdominis Plane Block 
D. Felling, M. Jackson, J. Ferraro, C. Genord, J. Albright, J. Wu, R. K. Cleary


Enhanced Recovery Protocols and Pathways for Colectomy and Beyond: Involving Your Allied Health and Other Health Professionals

On Diets and ERPs?
Elaine Goode, Charlotte, NC

Role of PT/OT in Prehabilitation and Recovery
Lavon Beard, Birmingham, AL

Role of the Clinical Pharmacist in ERPs
Rachel Kreuer, Baltimore, MD

Wound Ostomy Support in the Era of ERPs
Amy Armstrong, MSN, RN, Birmingham, AL

Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Pulling Everyone Together
Bethany Sarosiek, RN, MS, Charlottesville, VA

Robotic Colon and Rectal Surgery: Tips and Tricks

History of Robotics: Where We Were, Where We Are and Where Are We Going?
Slawomir Marecik, MD, Chicago, IL

Transanal Robotic Surgery: Local Excision to taTME
Garrett Friedman, MD, New York, NY

Robotic Operating Systems: What Are Our Options?
Kelly Tyler, MD, Springfield, MA

Techniques for Intracorporeal Anastomosis: Lefts and Rights
Mark Soliman, MD, Orlando, FL

Is Robotic Surgery the Answer to Minimally Invasive Rectal Cancer Surgery?
Deborah Nagle, MD, Boston, MA

Splenic Flexure Tips and Tricks
Ron Landmann, MD, Jacksonville, FL

Can Robotic Surgery Be Cost Effective? Essentials to Developing a Robotic Surgical Program
Robert Cleary, MD, Ann Arbor, MI