2018 Annual Meeting Videos Tuesday

2018 Annual Meeting Videos Tuesday | ASCRS

The Best of The Diseases of the Colon and Rectum Journal

Tailored Treatment Strategy for Locally Advanced Rectal Carcinoma Based on the Tumor Response to Induction Chemotherapy: Preliminary Results of the French Phase II Multicenter GRECCAR4 Trial
Jean Jacques Tuech, MD, Rouen, France

Effects of Hysterectomy on Pelvic Floor Disorders: A Longitudinal Study
Mehmet Ayhan, MD, Ankara, Turkey

Validation of MRI and Surgical Decision Making to Predict a Complete Resection in Pelvic Exenteration for Recurrent Rectal Cancer 
Cherry Koh, MD, New South Wales, Australia

Large Variation in Blood Transfusion Use After Colorectal Resection: A Call to Action
Fergal Fleming, MD, Rochester, NY


Abstract Session - General Surgery Forum

Rectal Cancer in Younger Patients: Rare, Aggressive, and Deadly
D. Yu, M. Stem, J. P. Taylor, S. Y. Chen, S. Fang, S. Gearhart, B. Safar, J. Efron

Carnoy’s Solution Fixation with Compression Significantly Increases Lymph Node Yields Compared to Standard Manual Technique in Patients Undergoing Radical Operations for Colorectal Cancer
S. Flynn, R. Burchette, M. Ghassemi, O. Ratner, D. Mandel, D. Klaristenfeld

Caution! Increase in Acute Kidney Injury with Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocols
C. Koerner, A. G. Lopez-Aguiar, M. Y. Zaidi, S. Speegle, G. Balch, V. Shaffer, C. Staley, J. Srinivasan, S. Maithel, P. S. Sullivan

Retrorectus Biosynthetic Mesh Reinforcement During Stoma Closure Reduces the Rate of Stoma Site Incisional Hernias
M. V. Gusev, M. Sherman, M. Tam

Adenoma Risk in the Residual Colon Varies Based on Site of Previous Colectomy for Colorectal Cancer
K. Suradkar, R. P. Kiran, N. Valizadeh, B. Lebwohl

Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery Protocol is Associated with On-time Initiation of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Colorectal Cancer
T. Hassinger , J. Mehaffey, A. N. Martin, K. Bauer-Nilsen, F. Turrentine, R. Thiele, C. Friel, T. Hedrick

Diverticular Complications: Do Season and Region Really Have an Impact?
M. Lin, J. C. Hsieh, S. Y. Chao

Out of the Movies and Into Reality: How Disruptive Technology May Change the Way You Practice

Dissemination of Information:  How Technology Has Changed the Way We Can Interact with Our Colleagues
Daniel Popowich, MD, New York, NY

Education: What Does the Future Look like in Surgical Education? Simulation, Tablets, Smartphones and Online Education: Are We Better or Worse Now?
Sandra De Montbrun, MD, Toronto, Canada

Sharing Information: Current EMR’s Are Only the First Step in What Could be a World-Wide Information Network to Truly Improve Patient Care.  How Interactive Technology Could Revolutionize Our Interaction with Patients
Emily Steinhagen, MD, Cleveland, OH

Patient Experience: How Disruptive Technology Has Empowered Patients and the Consumer-driven Market for Surgery
George Nassif, MD, Altamonte Springs, FL

The Newest Tricks and Gadgets: Are High Fidelity Surgical and Endoscopic Simulation Bridging the Gap?
Dan Herzig, MD, Portland, OR

What the American College of Surgeons Does for Me as an ASCRS Member

Optimizing the Quality of Our Practices with ACS Programs
Clifford Ko, MD, Los Angeles, CA

How the Commission on Cancer Can Improve Outcomes
Frederick Greene, MD, Chapel Hill, NC

ACS Education Programs for Colorectal Surgeons
Ajit Sachdeva, MD, Chicago, IL

ACS Advocacy Helps Us Help Our Patients
David Hoyt, MD, Chicago, IL


Masters in Colorectal Surgery Lectureship Honoring Patricia L. Roberts, MD

From There to Here
Peter Marcello, MD

Memorial Lectureship Honoring Bertram Portin, MD

Burnout -- A Problem Bert Would Attack
Robert W. Beart, Jr., MD


Abstract Session - Basic Science

The Role of Collagenolytic Enterococcus Faecalis on Colorectal Cancer Tumor Formation Following Surgery 
S. Gaines, A. J. Williamson, R. Jacobson, S. Hyoju, N. Hyman, O. Zaborina, B. D. Shogan, J. Alverdy

Killingback Award Winner: An Immune Cytotoxic Assay: Predicting Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer 
J. Kong

Novel Organoid Models to Investigate the Role of Immunotherapy for Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases
V. Narasimhan, T. Pham, R. Ramsay, A. Heriot

Rectal Cancer Associated Fibroblasts Activated by Radiation Promote Metastasis by Inducing Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition 
D. Liska, S. Xiang, M. Kalady, E. Huang

The rs7609897 Allele Variant of the Collagen Q Gene (COLQ) is Involved in the Pathophysiology of Diverticulitis 
B. Kline, K. Schieffer, S. Deiling, L. Harris, G. Yochum, W. Koltun

Chemokine mRNA Expression is Predictive of Metastasis in Colon and Rectal Cancer
A. B. Mitchell, A. Talukder, A. Jordan, S. Lahorewala, D. Morera, D. Albo, A. Herline, V. Lokeshwar

In Vivo Application of Multi-Fraction Brachytherapy Combined with Chemotherapy in a Mouse Model of Anal Cancer 
B. L. Rademacher, H. Sleiman, M. Conti, J. A. Micka, W. S. Culberson, L. M. Meske, E. H. Carchman

Sulfonamide-based Derivative (3D) Induces Apoptosis in Colorectal Cancer by Inhibiting JAK2-STAT3 Pathway 
K. Al-Khayal

COL11A1 is Co-expressed with EMT Markers and Over-Expressed in Early-Onset Colon Cancer
D. Chen, L. Nfonsam, A. Cruz , A. N. Ewongwo , O. P. MOGOR, R. Runyan, V. N. Nfonsam

PARP-1 Fragments and Acid Ceramidase (AC) Expression - A Potential Mechanism of Radioresistance in Colorectal Cancer? 
N. Govindarajah, P. Sutton, D. Bowden, J. L. Parsons, D. Vimalachandran


Abstract Session - Research Forum

SDF-1 Plasmid to Regenerate the Anal Sphincter: Are We Closer to Translation?
M. Zutshi, L. Sun, M. S. Damaser, M. S. Penn, R. Anna

Intratumoral Heterogeneity in Rectal Cancer – The Effects of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation
R. Perez, G. Pagin São Julião, B. Borba Vailati, L. M. Fernandez, F. Bettoni, C. Masotti, P. Fontes Asprino, A. Habr-Gama, J. Gama-Rodrigues 1 , P. Galante 3 , A. Aranha Camargo 3

Is There a Role for Enhanced Colorectal Cancer Screening in Lung Transplant Recipients? A Single Institution Retrospective Review
D. P. Mistrot, S. Elnahas, R. A. Gagliano, D. Row, S. Biswas Roy, M. Kunz, P. Kang, R. Walia

Management and Outcomes of Diverticulitis after Lung Transplantation: Single-Center Experience 
S. Elnahas, M. Olson, D. Row, S. Biswas Roy, P. Kang, R. A. Gagliano, R. Walia, R. M. Bremner

The Role of Extracellular Vesicle Carried miRNAs in the Progression of Colorectal Cancer
A. Klinger, W. Chang, G. Maresh, X. Zhang, L. Hellmers, C. Salomon Gall, L. Li, D. A. Margolin

Laparoscopic vs Open Resection for Colon Cancer: Comparing Post-Operative Patient-Reported Outcomes
N. Vela

Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Syndromes

State of the Art 2018: Classification and Genetic Testing for Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Syndromes 
Molly Ford, MD, Nashville, TN

Managing Adenomatous Polyposis: Which Surgery and When to Operate
Robert Gryfe, MD, PhD, Toronto, Canada

Tackling the Surgical Challenges of Desmoid Disease
James Church, MD, Cleveland, OH

Colorectal Cancer in Lynch Syndrome: The Data on Extended Resection
Y. Nancy You, MD, Houston, TX


Drinks and Disputes: The After Hours Debates

Debate I: Advanced Endoscopy: Colorectal Surgeon or Gastroenterologist? 

Debate II: Fluorescence Imaging: Valuable Commodity or Waste of Money?