2018 Annual Meeting Videos Wednesday

2018 Annual Meeting Videos Wednesday | ASCRS

Coffee and Controversies

Debate #1: Is There Still a Role for HALS?

Debate #2: RCT's/Big Data or Social Media - Which is More Effective at Driving Change?


What’s New in the Management of Rectal Cancer?

What is the Standard of Care and Benchmark Outcomes for Early Stage and Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer?
George Chang, MD, Houston, TX

When Can We Preserve the Rectum Early Stage and Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer?
Rodrigo Perez, MD, Sao Paulo, Brazil

How Do I Selectively Use Radiation to Benefit the Rectal Cancer Patient?
Professor Ibrahim Gecim, MD, Ankara, Turkey

Chemotherapy: When, Which Agents and How Long?
Dustin Deming, MD, Madison, WI


Are There Solid Options for Fecal Incontinence?

Pills, Powders and Injections: Medical Options
Sarah Vogler, MD, St. Paul, MN

When to Tighten, When to Stimulate: SNS Versus Sphincteroplasty
Shane McNevin, MD, Spokane, WA

Sphincter Augmentation or Replacement: Novel Treatments
Anders Mellgren, MD, Chicago, IL

Contribution of Internal Prolapse and When to Consider Repair
Brooke Gurland, MD, Stanford, CA


The Future of Surgical Practice: How Will Changes in the Rules Affect You?

MACRA: What Is It and How Does Impact Colon and Rectal Surgery?
Don Selzer, MD, Indianapolis, IN

Physician Scorecards: How to Improve Your Score
Clifford Ko, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Managing Patients After Discharge: Containing Costs and Improving Outcomes
Anthony Senagore, MD, Galveston, TX                                         

Introducing New Technology: Cost vs Outcome
Sonia Ramamoorthy, MD, La Jolla, CA    


When the Dust Settles - Reconstruction After Leaks, Fistulas and Abdominal Wall Defects

Preparing for Surgery After an Abdominal Catastrophe 
Eric Pauli, MD, Hershey, PA

Anterior Component Separation: How To Do It and Why It Is The Best! 
James Bittner, IV, MD, Richmond, VA

Posterior Component Separation: How To Do It and Why It Is The Best!
Sean Orenstein, MD, Portland, OR

How to Bail Out When Things Aren’t Working and Mesh Selection
Jeffrey Blatnik, MD, Creve Coeur, MO


Abstract Session - Video Session

Complex Robotic Pelvic Dissection with Excision of Retrorectal Cyst
S. D. Talutis, J. Hall 

Robotic Extralevator Excision of a Retrorectal Giant Aggressive Angiomyxoma
B. A. Spindler, H. Saleem, S. R. Kelley

Robotic Assisted APR with Robotic Harvest of Rectus Abdominin Muscular Flap for Vaginal Reconstruction
G. Chedister, P. J. Maxwell, K. O. Delaney, V. V. George

Transanal Pouch Revision
P. L. Burgess, B. Sklow

Laparoscopic Suture Fixation for Ileal J-Pouch Volvulus
M. Ferrara,  H. Vargas

Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery for Rectal Stricture
G. Chedister, P. J. Maxwell, V. V. George

Redo Repair of a Recurrent Rectovaginal Fistula with Rectal Advancement Flap: Three Layer Closure
S. J. Marecik, C. Warner, J. Trepanier, K. Kochar, J. Park

Comparison of Bursa Omentalis Approach Versus Medial-to-Lateral Approach Laparoscopic Radical Left Hemicolectomy
W. Wang, W. Xiong, J. Wan


Ernestine Hambrick, MD, Lectureship

Maintaining the Fire: Self-awareness, Resilience, and Intentional Culture in Surgeon Wellbeing
Taylor Riall, MD. PhD


Abstract Session - Neoplasia 2

Long-term Oncologic Outcomes after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation followed by Intersphincteric resection with Coloanal Anastomosis for Locally Advanced Low Rectal Cancer
J. Park, G. Choi, S. Park, H. Kim, I. Woo

Endoscopic Biomarkers as Predictors of Response to Chemoradiation in Rectal Cancer
C. Peeples, J. K. Douglas, C. Cousineau, H. Wasvary, Z. A. Hothem, B. Thibodeau, B. Sopczynski, W. Li

Size of Rectal Neuroendocrine Tumors Predicts Metastatic Potential 
S. J. Concors, A. Sinnamon, I. Folkert, N. Mahmoud, E. Paulson, R. E. Roses

What is the Risk of Anal Carcinoma in Patients with Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia?
G. Lee, H. Kunitake, C. Stafford, L. Bordeianou, T. D. Francone, R. Ricciardi

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Rectal Adenocarcinoma Has Improved Survival Versus Laparotomy, a National Cancer Database Observational Analysis.
M. Skancke, C. Schoolfield, R. L. Amdur, V. Obias

Detection of Germline Cancer Predisposition Variants Among Advanced Colorectal Cancer Patients Undergoing Tumor Genomic Profiling For Precision Medicine
Y. You, A. Cuddy, G. Chang, E. Borras, K. Chang, B. Price, M. A. Rodriguez-Bigas, E. Vilar Sanchez

A Changing Spectrum of Colorectal Cancer Biology with Age: Implications for the Young Patient
H. S. Chouhan, J. Church, M. Kalady

Anorectal Dysfunction After TaTME: Manometric and Endoanal Ultrasound Analysis
V. Turrado-Rodriguez, A. T. Torroella, F. de Lacy Oliver, A. Otero-Piñeiro, B. Martin-Perez, D. Momblan, R. Bravo, A. Ibarzabal Olano, A. Lacy Fortuny

Use of Neoadjuvant Short-Course Radiotherapy for Rectal Adenocarcinoma in the United States: Insights into Patterns of Practice and Outcomes
M. A. Adam, M. Turner, H. G. Moore, C. R. Mantyh, J. Migaly

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Total Neoadjuvant Therapy Followed by Radical Resection Versus Traditional Therapy for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
M. Wright, C. Ternent


Translating Outcomes Data into Meaningful Practice Change

What Data Can You Trust?
David Etzioni, MD, Phoenix, AZ

Patient Reported Outcomes and YOU
Larissa Temple, MD, Rochester, NY

Meaningful Feedback to Surgeons
Rocco Ricciardi, MD, Boston, MA

QI – It Doesn’t Always Work
Elizabeth Wick, MD, San Francisco, CA


Abstract Session - Pelvic Floor Disorders

Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy Versus Stapled Trans-Anal Rectal Resecetion (STARR) for Treatment of Obstructed Defecation in the Elderly: Long Term Results of a Prospective Randomized Study
K. Madbouly, A. Mohii

Anatomy is Not Always Destiny: Patients with Surgically Correctable Internal Intussusception Must be Evaluated for Co-existing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
P. M. Cavallaro, K. Staller, L. Savitt, H. Milch, M. Weinstein, B. Nath, R. Ricciardi, L. Bordeianou

Using Sacral Nerve Modulation to Improve Continence and Quality of Life in Patients Suffering Low Anterior Resection Syndrome
A. Croese, Y. Ho

Rectal Prolapse Recurrence Following Ventral Mesh Rectopexy can be Minimized if Anteriror Compartment Defects are Throughly Evaluated and Treated
B. Djenic, D. Maun, T. Reidy, R. Melbert, F. Lane, O. Johansen, B. Tsai

High Doses Of Botox to Treat Levator Spasm and Obstructed Defecation: To Repeat or Not
T. Reif de Paula, B. H. Gurland, T. Hull, M. Zutshi

Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Constipation
R. D. Bennett, A. K. Mongiu, R. W. Farmer, T. Abell, A. Stocker

Vaginal Valium for Levator Spasm: An Alternative Route of Treatment
C. A. Lynn, M. Hawkins, J. A. Griffin, J. Scanlan

Efficacy of Foot Stool for the Patient With Obstructed Defecation Syndrome: A Prospective Study
S. Takano

Quality of Life Comparison of Two Fecal Incontinence Phenotypes: Isolated Fecal Incontinence Versus Concurrent Fecal Incontinence with Constipation
C. E. Cauley, L. R. Savitt, H. Kunitake, E. Von Bargen, M. Wakamatsu, M. Weinstein, R. Ricciardi, L. Bordeianou

Long-term Results of Pelviperineal Rehabilitation in Patients With Fecal Incontinence
L. C. Carcamo Gruebler, S. Aljaro Ehrenberg, F. Castro Vargas, J. Leiva Valdes, G. Palominos, J. Cerda Lorca, F. Bellolio, M. Molina


Difficulties Surrounding the Management of Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis: Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Genetics and Risk Factors: What is the Best Evidence to Counsel Our Patients?
Matthew Silviera, MD, St. Louis MO

Elective Management of Uncomplicated Diverticulitis
Nitin Mishra, MD, Phoenix, AZ

When Do We Intervene After Medical Management of a Diverticular Abscess?
Angela Kuhnen, MD, Boston, MA

Management of Complicated Diverticular Disease in the Face of Significant Medical Comorbidities
Ron Landmann, MD, Jacksonville, FL

Laparoscopic Lavage: What Do the Randomized Trials Tell Us?
Jonathan Laryea, MD, Little Rock, AR

Atypical Diverticulitis and Post-Diverticulitis IBS; the CT Scan is Normal But My Patient Still Has Symptoms?
Alexander Hawkins, MD, Nashville, TN