American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery Leadership

American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery Leadership | ASCRS

ABCRS Board of Directors


Jan Rakinic, MD
Springfield, IL

Judith Trudel MD
St. Paul, MN

Executive Director
Bruce G. Wolff, MD
Rochester, MN

Senior Advisor  
David J. Schoetz, Jr., MD
Burlington, MA


Members of the Board: 

Glenn T. Ault, MD, Los Angeles, CA
David E. Beck, MD, New Orleans, LA
Elisa H. Birnbaum, MD, St. Louis, MO
Eric J. Dozois, MD, Rochester, MN
Tyler Hughes, MD, McPherson, KS
Tracy L. Hull, MD, Cleveland, OH
Neil Hyman, MD, Chicago, IL
Ann Lowry, MD, St. Paul, MN
Najjia N. Mahmoud, MD, Philadelphia, PA
M. Shane McNevin, MD, Spokane, WA
Harry Papaconstantinou, MD
Scott Steele, MD, Cleveland, OH
Mark L. Welton, MD, Stanford, CA


Advisory Council:

Donald Buie, MD, Calgary, AB
Thomas Read, MD, Burlington, MA
Anthony J. Senagore, MD, Galveston, TX
Charles B. Whitlow, MD, New Orleans, LA 


Administrative Office: 

Ms. Chris Merkel
Executive Assistant/Office Manager
20600 Eureka Road, Suite 6000
Taylor, Michigan 48180

Phone: (734) 282-9400
Fax: (734) 282-9402