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From left: Raman Menon, MD, Jennifer Beaty, MD (Guest), Matthew Zelhart, MD,
Najjia Mahmoud, MD, Anatha Padmanabhan, MD, Lisa Haubert, MD, Charles Littlejohn, MD, Judith Trudel, MD, Thomas Cataldo, MD, Matthew Ziegler, MD, and Guy Orangio, MD


Responsible for collecting and compiling archival materials of the Society. Membership consists of ASCRS Past Presidents and Vice Presidents. 

Chair: Charles Littlejohn, MD
Vice Chair: Judith Trudel, MD
Adivsor: David Beck, MD
Council Rep: Najjia Mahmoud, MD


Thomas Cataldo, MD
Gerald Isenberg, MD
Raman Menon, MD
Anantha Padmanabhan, MD
Elizabeth Raskin, MD
Eric Romanucci, MD
Ralph Silverman, MD
Matthew Zelhart, MD
Matthew Ziegler, MD

The History Committee brings the specialty's past to life with interviews of Past Presidents and archival materials from the specialty's history.  

View the historical scrapbook, which begins with news articles dating back the late 1800s. Enjoy the rich history of the Society and read about the early leadership and their many accomplishments.  

Here is an excerpt from a newspaper article in the scrapbook, dated June, 1897:

Dr. Joseph M. Mathews was born in 1847, and graduated in medicine in 1867. He immediately began th e practice of his profession in his native county, where he remained, actively engaged in practice, for five years. He then removed to Louisville and practiced general medicine until 1878. In that year Dr. Mathews visited England and studied under Allingham, the celebrated proctologist at St. Marks Hospital in London. After thorough training under this great master, Dr. Mathews returned to America and became the pioneer specialist in in this country of rectal diseases. 

In 1999, the ASCRS published a unique book to commemorate the Society’s 100th Anniversary. View the History of the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons from 1899-1999 and read about the Society's development and growth, the establishment of the Diseases of the Colon & Rectum Journal, the Research Foundation and much more. 

The History Committee has interviewed several of the Past Presidents and other prominent physicians. Hear first-hand about their experiences, challenges and accomplishments while they served the Society.

Herand Abcarian, MD 
H. Randolph Bailey, MD 
Robert W. Beart, Jr., MD 
David Beck, MD 
Victor Fazio, MD 
James Fleshman, MD 
Robert Fry, MD 
Stanley Goldberg, MD 
Philip H. Gordon, MD 
Ernestine Hambrick, MD 
Ian Lavery, MD 
Ann Lowry, MD 
Robert D. Madoff, MD
Graham Newstead, MD 
Robin Phillips, MD 
Lester Rosen, MD 
David A. Rothenberger, MD 
David Schoetz, MD 
Anthony Senagore, MD 
Alan Thorson, MD
Judith Trudel, MD 
Malcolm C. Veidenheimer, MD 
Steven Wexner, MD 
Bruce Wolff, MD