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ASCRS International Committee

ASCRS International Committee | ASCRS

The International Committee works to enhance our relationships with our international partners in the colon and rectal specialty. As we work to engage surgeons in other countries, we hope to expand knowledge about the specialty and broaden available educational opportunities in order to better serve patients internationally.

We started our work with the International Traveling Scholarships several years ago. These scholarships enable medical professionals from areas that are underserved and possibly have limited access to colon and rectal educational opportunities to attend our Annual Meeting and visit programs in the U.S. Our awardees have learned new techniques and surgical methods, which they plan on implementing in their own countries. Below are the most recent awardees with links to their final scholarship summary reports.

Most recently, we have begun to host the International Symposium at the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting. This has allowed us to expand our outreach efforts and begin discussions on different approaches based on the needs of the international community. By collaborating with international partners, we expand educational opportunities for ourselves and our international colleagues.

ASCRS International Travel Scholarship Awardees

Year First Name Last Name Country
2016 Yuksel Altinel Turkey
2016 Jeryl Reyes Philippines
2016 Danko Kostadinov Bulgaria
2016 Amrit Pipara India
2015 Alex Elobu Uganda
2015 Fakhry Anaraky Firooz Iran
2015 Melanie Uzcategui Venezuela
2015 Tarik Sammour Australia
2015 Emilia Beninca Argentina
2015 Jawhar Singh Bangladesh
2014 Tashi Wangdi Bhutan
2014 Tihomir Hristov Spain
2014 Sayed Nahid Bangladesh
2014 Fakhry  Anaraky Firooz Iran
2013 Olusegun Alatise Nigeria
2013 Indrek Seire Estonia
2013 April Roslani Malaysia
2013 Abhijit Chandra India
2012 Gokhan Cipe Turkey
2012 Koen Peeters Netherlands
2012 Morwena Marshall United Kingdom
2011 Carlos  Barberousse Uruguay
2011 Sanjay Kariappa Australia 
2011 Mariano Laporte Argentina
2011 Amir Keshvari Iran
2011 Zahidul Haq  Bangladesh
2010 Baljit Singh United Kingdom
2010 Amyn Haji United Kingdom
2010 Waheeb Al-Kubati Australia
2010 Vladimir Kiselev Russia
2010 Haytham Gareer Egypt
2010 Dione Parreno-Sacdalan Philippines
2010 Kirsten Boyle United Kingdom
2010 Joseph Martin Plummer Jamaica
2010 Martin Hübner Switzerland
2010 John (Ian) Jenkins England
2010 James O'Riordan Ireland
2009 Lalitha Mahadavan United Kingdom
2009 Pankaj Garg India
2009 Benjamin Perakath India
2009 Wan Jin Shao China
2008 Sezai Demirbas Turkey
2008 April Camilla Roslani Maylasia
2008 Chucheep Sahakitrungruang Thailand
2008 Rodrigo Oliva Perez Brazil
2007 Biju Pottakkat India
2007 Luis A. Borda Peru
2007 Ashok  Kumar India
2006 Ian Daniels United Kingdom
2006 Marcos  de Abreu Bonardi Brazil
2006 Narimantas Samalavicius Lithuania
2006 Eloy Espin Basany Spain