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ASCRS Internet Survey Policy

ASCRS Internet Survey Policy | ASCRS

Introduction and Rationale

Surveys conducted via the internet can efficiently gain information. This policy attempts to balance members' ability to use the society’s member email and Listserv capability with our members' desire to minimize SPAM and preserve the integrity of the ASCRS. The following guidelines will apply to all requests and surveys conducted using the ASCRS internet capabilities.  Deviations from these guidelines require specific approval of the ASCRS Executive Council.


For this policy, a Survey is a list of questions or requests for information that is distributed via email using the ASCRS administrative office capabilities. Activities on the Listserv should be limited by its policy.  Definitions:  Content Surveys must be designed to obtain useful information, be scientifically constructed and be free of bias. The confidentiality of the responder must be maintained unless specific permission is obtained from the respondent. 


  • Requests to conduct a Survey must be made to the ASCRS Executive Council by completing the Internet Survey Request Form.  
  • Requesters must be Members or Fellows of the ASCRS or be sponsored by a Member or Mellow of the ASCRS
  • ASCRS Executive Council must approve all survey requests. 
  • ASCRS may elect to add a disclaimer with the survey or place additional restrictions on the survey or its results.  
  • ASCRS retains the rights to review the survey results (eg. publication in Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, presentation at a meeting, release to third party, etc).  
  • ASCRS will not endorse any survey, its presentation or publication  
  • Survey requests must show proof of IRB approval 

Data from Survey

Data or results arising out of the performance of any survey shall not be used for the commercial benefit of the Institution or Principal Investigator.  The Institution and Principal Investigator agree that the ASCRS shall have the right to first refusal for publication of the results of the Study.  The Institution and/or Principal Investigator should submit the proposed publication to the ASCRS Executive Council for review at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the proposed submission for publication.  ASCRS Executive Council may remove from the proposed publication any Information other than Study data and results.  The Institution and the Principal Investigator agree not to publish the Study results other than in accordance with this Section.  ASCRS will comply with the ICMJE’s current Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals:  Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publications:  Obligation to Register Clinical Trials.  

To complete the form and submit your reqired documentation, please download the ASCRS Internet and Web-based Survey Policy and Form.   Send your completed form and supporting documents to the ASCRS for processing at