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Awards Committee

Awards Committee | ASCRS

Responsible for selecting: a) the regional awards from papers and posters presented at the Annual Meeting; b) the Best Video; and c) the Best Paper.  Committee members meet daily during the Annual Meeting and attend all scientific and poster sessions to evaluate each presentation. 

Chair: Garrett Nash, MD
Vice Chair: Nitin Mishra, MD
Council Rep: TBD

Jean Ashburn, MD Kurt Melstrom, Jr., MD
Vikram Attaluri, MD Lisa Moudgill, MD
Jiri Bem, MD Margarita Murphy, MD
Marylise Boutros, MD Valentine Nfonsam, MD
Jonathan Canete, MD James Ogilvie, Jr., MD
Kelly Garrett, MD Timothy Ridolfi, MD
Michael Grieco, MD Ankit Sarin, MD
Salvador Guevara, MD Christina Seo, MD
Gregory Kennedy, MD Skandan Shanmugan, MD
Sean Langenfeld, MD Jesse Smith, MD
Steven Lee-Kong, MD Jonathan Snyder, MD
Tamar Lipof, MD James Williams, MD
David Liska, MD  
Mark Manwaring, MD