Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee

Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee | ASCRS

Responsible for creating practice parameters for various procedures to assist physicians in caring for patients with colon and rectal disease. 

What's New?

Tasked with developing practice guidelines for the field, the Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Committee published six new guidelines in 2015 and 2016 on a variety of topics related to the specialty.  The committee’s guidelines are published in Diseases of the Colon and Rectum and on the ASCRS website.

CPG Committee Chair Scott Steele, MD, notes the dedication of the committee’s members: “Our members are incredibly busy clinicians who have gone out of their way to provide highly scrutinized and vetted evidence-based reviews that we feel are extremely valuable not only to our members, but also for all health care providers taking care of patients with colorectal disease.”

The committee has not slowed down in 2017 after an exceptionally productive 2015 and 2016. “Currently, we are working on updates to past CPGs to include rectal prolapse, abscess/fistula-in-ano, and anal fissure, as well as pleased to announce the development of upcoming new CPGs such as volvulus and pseudo-obstruction, radiation injury, and bowel preparation,” Dr. Steele said. “Finally, we are excited to have collaborated on a CPG with SAGES regarding enhanced recovery following colorectal surgery.”

Chair: Scott Steele, MD
Vice Chair: Daniel Feingold, MD
Council Rep: Neil Hyman, MD


Maher Abbas, MD Karin Hardiman, MD
Suraj Alva, MD Stefan Holubar, MD
Karim Alavi, MD Eric Johnson, MD
Joshua Bleier, MD Deborah Keller, MD
Liliana Bordeianou, MD Elise Lawson, MD
Marylise Boutros, MD Sang Lee, MD
Joseph Carmichael, MD Steven Lee-Kong, MD
Michelle Cowan, MD Amy Lightner, MD
Jennifer Davids, MD Craig Messick, MD
Kurt Davis, MD John Migaly, MD
Bradley Davis, MD Ian Paquette, MD
Fergal Fleming, MD Vitaliy Poylin, MD
Todd Francone, MD Scott Regenbogen, MD
Wolfgang Gaertner, MD David Stewart, MD
Sean Glasgow, MD Luca Stocchi, MD
Jason Hall, MD Michael Valente, DO
  Jon Vogel, MD
  Yi-Qian Nancy You, MD