Continuing Education Committee

Continuing Education Committee | ASCRS

Oversees all continuing medical education (CME) programs and assures that ASCRS is in compliance with the standards set by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

The Continuing Education Committee manages the following activities:

  • Ensures all educational and training programs reflect the Society's vision and mission, without outside influence;
  • Disseminates educational platforms that teach and assess technical competencies;
  • Development and finalization of self-assessment questions for the online CREST program, webinars and the Annual Scientific Meeting.


Chair: David Maron, MD
Vice Chair: Mala Balakumar, MD
Council Rep: Bradley Champagne, MD

Dorin Colibaseanu, MD
Joseph Frenkel, MD
Kerry Hammond, MD
Rebecca Hoedema, MD
Evan Krakovitz, MD
Sezai Leventoglu, MD
Michael Ott, MD
Gokhan Ozuner, MD
Ian Paquette, MD
Bikram Paul, MD
Michael Porter, MD
Leslie Roth, MD
Joongho Shin, MD
Bradford Sklow, MD
Michael Snyder, MD
Amy Suwanabol, MD
Joseph Terlizzi, MD
Peter Deveaux, MD
Syed Husain, MD
Kristina Booth, MD