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Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery Committee

Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery Committee | ASCRS

This committee’s charge is to improve national outcomes for TME surgery by developing an educational module which teaches surgeons and residents the principles of multidisciplinary perioperative rectal cancer surgery to a standard acceptable to ASCRS. The committee is working to standardize an education module.   

Chair: Conor Delaney, MD
Council Rep: Heidi Nelson, MD

Ellen Bailey, MD Joseph Martz, MD
Brian Bednarski, MD Justin Maykel, MD
Jai Bikhchandani, MD Steven McClane, MD
David Blumberg, MD Harvey Moore, III, MD
Bradley Champagne, MD Matthew Mutch, MD
George Chang, MD Samuel Oommen, MD
Sanket Chauhan, MD William Perry, MD
Sandra De Montbrun, MD P. Terry Phang, MD
Teresa DeBeche-Adams, MD Alessio Pigazzi, MD
Rahila Essani, MD Anthony Senagore, MD
Linda Farkas, MD Skandan Shanmugan, MD
I. Emre Gorgun, MD Michael Stamos, MD
Jose Guillem, MD David Stein, MD
Daniel Herzig, MD Luca Stocchi, MD
Atif Iqbal, MD Scott Strong, MD
David Larson, MD Kelly Tyler, MD
Jonathan Laryea, MD Martin Weiser, MD
Helen MacRae, MD Steven Wexner, MD
John Marks, MD