Healthcare Economics Committee

Healthcare Economics Committee | ASCRS

Responsible for presenting information on issues affecting the colon and rectal surgeon to Congress and agencies of the federal government. The Committee's responsibilities include keeping members informed on these issues and tracking developments in managed care, regulatory, legislative and other issues that impact coding, billing and reimbursement for colorectal services. 

The committee will ensure the Society has an increased impact and participation in areas of advocacy, education, quality and research initiatives.  They will also enhance the ability of members to navigate a changing socioeconomic and practice environment.

Need Assistance with Coding?

With the implementation of ICD-10 coding, the Healthcare Economics Committee took on the task of simplifying the new codes for members. A crosswalk between ICD-9 and ICD-10 was developed for popular colon and rectal surgery codes and shared with the membership via the website to help provide a smooth transition.

Reimbursement and the correct ICD-10 coding to support it are extremely important for every physician’s practice. This long and often cumbersome process can be complicated. ASCRS provides forms that allow ASCRS members to ask coding questions, and expert surgeons on the Healthcare Economics Committee answer them. For more information, visit the Healthcare Economics Committee Resources page. 

The goal of the committee is to keep members informed on legislative issues and to track developments in managed care, regulatory, legislative, and other issues that impact coding, billing, and reimbursement for colorectal services.


Walter Peters, Jr.
Vice Chair: Jeffrey Cohen
Advisor: Guy Orangio
Council Rep: Charles Whitlow
Consultant: Jan Nagel

Jeff Albright
Nawar Alkhamesi
Elizabeth Arcila
Amir Bastawrous
Rebeccah Baucom
George Blestel
Douglas Brewer
Christopher Chow
Jessica Cohan
Donald Colvin
Edward DelleDonne
Nadav Dujovny
Joshua Eberhardt
Timothy Geiger
Francesco Grasso
William Harb
Emina Huang
Lyen Huang
Kristina Johnson
Robert Kucejko
David Margolin
Jan Nagle 
Juan Nogueras
David O'Brien
Jitesh Patel
Juan Poggio
Fabio Potenti 
Sonia Ramamoorthy
Rocco Ricciardi
Stephen Sentovich
Amalia Stefanou
Charles Ternent
Steven Tsoraides
Kelly Tyler
Matthew Wilson