International Committee

International Committee | ASCRS

The International Committee awards ASCRS International Travel Scholarships annually. Awardees of International Traveling Scholarships attend attend the ASCRS Annual Meeting and potentially travel within the United States to visit colon and rectal surgery residency programs. The committee is responsible for enhancing the collaboration with other societies and organizations to achieve the ASCRS educational goals.

As we work to engage surgeons in other countries, we hope to expand knowledge about the specialty and broaden available educational opportunities in order to better serve patients internationally.

Most recently, we have begun to host the International Symposium at the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting. This has allowed us to expand our outreach efforts and begin discussions on different approaches based on the needs of the international community. By collaborating with international partners, we expand educational opportunities for ourselves and our international colleagues.



Chair: Claudia Hriesik, MD
Vice Chair: Wolfgang Gaertner, MD
Advisor: Richard Billingham, MD
Council Rep: William Cirocco, MD


Maher Abbas, MD
Badma Bashankaev,MD
Jasna Coralic, MD
Nadav Dujovny, MD
Wolfgang Gaertner, MD
Susan Galandiuk, MD
I. Ethem Gecim, MDMD
Stanley Goldberg, MD
Rebekah Kim, MD
Won-Suk Lee, MD
Zheng Liu, MD
Thaer Obaid, MD
Carlo Ratto, MD
Arceu Scanavini Neto, MD
Mattias Soop,MD
Akira Sugita, MD
George Theodoropoulos, MD