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New Technologies Committee

New Technologies Committee | ASCRS

This committee facilitates the integration, evaluation and dissemination of new technology in the practice of colon and rectal surgery.    

Chair: Eric Haas, MD
Vice Chair: Patricia Sylla, MD
Council Rep: Sonia Ramamoorthy, MD
Luay Ailabouni, MD Douglas Khoury, MD
Nawar Alkhamesi, MD David Larson, MD
Ovunc Bardakcioglu, MD Fabrizio Luca, MD
Amir Bastawrous, MD Surya Nalamati, MD
Marcelo Borba, MD Vincent Obias, MD
John Byrn, MD Lisa Parry, MD
Meagan Costedio, MD Rafael Pino Tejada, MD
Solomon David, MD Elizabeth Raskin, MD
I. Emre Gorgun, MD Jay Redan, MD
Alexis Grucela, MD David Rivadeneira, MD
Claudia Hriesik, MD Andrew Russ, MD
Craig Johnson, MD Sree Suryadevara, MBBS
Amit Khanna, MD Joseph Valentino, MD