Dr. Michael Stamos, president of the Research Foundation, was appointed dean of the University of California School of Medicine.

ASCRS Awards represent the best scientific presentations at the Annual Meeting. The Awards Committee is charged with evaluating all of the scientific presentations for scientific merit, study design, conclusions, timeliness, and clarity of presentation.  Committee members meet daily during the Annual Meeting and attend all scientific and poster sessions to evaluate each presentation.

The Research Foundation of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons is pleased to announce that through funding generously provided by Intuitive Surgical, multiple research awards to investigate robotic surgery are available. 

The Research in Robotic Surgical Technology Grant provides an investigator the opportunity to pursue research specifically germane to robotic surgical technology in the field of colon and rectal surgery. 

View the historical ASCRS Scrapbook and visit past eras of the specialty. The scrapbook begins with news articles dating back to 1898.  Enjoy the rich history of the Society and read about the early leadership and their many accomplishments.  

Currently, all parties – patients, payers, and providers are motivated (for different reasons) to optimize the speed and safety of patient recovery after abdominal surgery. So, in order to assist colon and rectal surgeons with this important topic, the Quality and Safety Committee has developed an Enhanced Recovery Overview document.