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CARSEP® and CREST® are Now Hosted on a New Platform!

CARSEP® and CREST® are Now Hosted on a New Platform! | ASCRS

ASCRS’ online educational resources, CARSEP® and CREST®, are now hosted on a new robust, user-friendly platform.

Access CARSEP or CREST in one easy step, with a click on “Online Learning Center.” If you have not logged in to the ASCRS website, you will receive a prompt to log in. 

With the new platform, you will have access to up-to-date information on colorectal diseases. If you have already purchased CARSEP, your information has been carried over into the new system, so you are able to start where you last left off.

Already a CREST user? You’ll find your purchased modules in the new platform, along with access to over 125 informative modules related to colon and rectal surgery.

Visit the CARSEP and CREST webpages to find out more about these valuable educational opportunities.

To assist with navigating the new system, use the "How to" guides below:

CREST® How To Guide

CARSEP® How To Guide

If you have any questions, please contact the ASCRS Education Department at or (847) 290-9184.