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ASCRS Young Surgeon Spotlight: Mark K. Soliman

ASCRS Young Surgeon Spotlight: Mark K. Soliman | ASCRS

Mark K. Soliman
Colon and Rectal Clinic of Orlando
Orlando, Florida

Why I am a member of ASCRS:

I fell in love with the speciality of colon and rectal surgery because of the people. The mentors and role models I had in residency and fellowship demonstrated an elegant balance of patient empathy, technical skill, clinical knowledge and a passion to treat the most complex and difficult surgical pathology. The ASCRS embodies these very traits on an organizational level—one in which I am a proud member of. 

Why did you specialize in colorectal surgery?

One of the most common questions I get is why did I choose to specialize in colon and rectal surgery. My answer typically is, “it’s complicated.”

In truth, many things appealed to me about this speciality when I was deciding what to seek additional training in. The field of colon and rectal surgery requires a very skilled, delicate, thorough, and compassionate approach, especially in this often vulnerable and private area of the body. 

This balance of humanity and precise surgery is one of the many facets that attracted me to the field. Additionally, the breadth of conditions I manage and operations I do as a specialist afford both intellectual stimulation and an opportunity to offer tertiary level care to those patients I am blessed to see. 

Colon and rectal surgery is also at an extraordinarily exciting time, as we are witnessing a generational shift in the way we manage complex conditions such as rectal cancer, and the operative modalities that are available. 

One of my passions has been offering my patients advanced minimally invasive robotic operations in addition to creating training curricula to train the next generation of colon and rectal surgeons in this same approach. 

Only in the speciality of colon and rectal surgery did I find sufficient challenge, reward and opportunity—a decision I am proud I made and blessed to have been accepted into.