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Operative Competency Evaluation Committee

Operative Competency Evaluation Committee | ASCRS

This committee develops and refines evaluation tools which will allow colon and rectal surgeons who train residents to determine whether the resident performing a particular operation has the requisite skills, anatomic knowledge, procedural knowledge and medical knowledge to safely treat patients with diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.  


Chair: Bradley Champagne, MD
Vice Chair: Sandra De Montbrun, MD
Advisor: Helen MacRae, MD
Council Rep: Neil Hyman, MD

Karim Alavi, MD Rebecca Hoedema, MD
Farshid Araghizadeh, MD Mark Manwaring, MD
Glenn Ault, MD Dipen Maun, MD
Joseph Carmichael, MD Craig Reickert, MD
Philip Dean, MD Scott Steele, MD
Joanne Favuzza, MD Melissa Times, MD
James Fleshman, Jr., MD Bruce Wolff, MD
Todd Francone, MD