Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium

Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium | ASCRS

With representitives from different subspecialties, the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium takes a multidisciplinary approach to enhancing patient care. 


Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium Meeting

Sunday, June 2, 2019
7:00 – 11:00 am
Cleveland, Ohio
FREE to attend


The goal of this consortium meeting is to arrive at a consensus on the strengths and weaknesses of the three most commonly used radiological modalities used to characterize the anatomy of patients with pelvic organ prolapse (POP): echo-defecography, MRI defecography and fluoroscopic defecography. Experts from radiology, colorectal surgery, urogynecology, gastroenterology, urology and physiotherapy will converge together in a collaboration to develop consensus radiological interpretation templates. These templates could then be utilized consistently across institutions and subspecialties to facilitate the development of a “common language” and promote consistently high quality care for pelvic floor patients.

Please join us to provide your input on these templates at the in-person meeting. The agenda will also include planning of future research, joint databases and education events. There is no cost to attend the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium Meeting.


Please note that while the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium Meeting takes place in conjunction with the ASCRS 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting, it is a separate event and will require separate registration. You do not need to be registered for the ASCRS 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting in order to attend the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium.  If you would like to also register for the ASCRS 2019 please visit here.

Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium Charter

The ASCRS has created a Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium to enhance the care of patients in a multidisciplinary approach.

The Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium works with the Research Foundation of the ASCRS, other appropriate ASCRS committees and with representatives of all other disciplines involved in the care of patients with pelvic floor disorders to promote the care of these patients, create and evaluate educational programs, clinical guidelines and algorithms of care through clinical collaboration and research.

By adopting standard measures across multiple disciplines, we hope to facilitate the collaborative pooling of data in meta-analyses and allow more effective comparison of results. This is precisely the kind of multidisciplinary effort – involving input from multiple subspecialists – that the Consortium was created to do. We hope that you will attend to provide your input on which instruments we should use consistently going forward. 

We aim to:

  • Provide a forum within the surgical community for critical discussion on the investigation, diagnosis, and management of pelvic floor disorders.
  • Facilitate outreach and exchange of information with other disciplines and with other specialized societies that are currently addressing pelvic floor topics from a non-surgical or non-colorectal perspective.
  • Respond to the work being done and positions being taken by these other specialized societies and develop collaborative strategies that properly reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field.
  • Set standards of pelvic floor investigation and management within our subspecialty and within the entire clinical field.
  • Support collaborative clinical trials focusing on colorectal topics in the area of pelvic floor disorders.
  • Facilitate the international exchange of information on pelvic floor disorders through outreach to similar surgical organizations in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.
  • Promote research collaborative efforts and have a team that could secure research funding.
  • Support education and training on pelvic floor topics during and after colorectal fellowship.
  • Provide a platform for patient education.

ASCRS Steering Committee on Pelvic Floor Disorders 

Chair: Liliana Bordeianou, MD
Vice Chair: Sarah Vogler, MD, MBA
Council Rep: Arden Morris, MD

Committee Members: 
Mitchell Bernstein, MD
Elisa Birnbaum, MD
Joseph Carmichael, MD
Kelly Garrett, MD
Brooke Gurland, MD
Alex Ky, MD
Nathalie Mantilla, MD
Shane McNevin, MD
Anders Mellgren, MD, PhD
Lucia Oliveira, MD
Ian Paquette, MD
Amy Thorsen, MD
Madhulika Varma, MD
Steven Wexner, MD. PhD (Hon)
Massarat Zutshi, MD

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