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Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee | ASCRS

The committee's main purpose is to increase public awareness of colon and rectal diseases and the availability of trained specialists in its treatment. 

What's New?

To accomplish the ASCRS’s mission of increasing public awareness of colon and rectal diseases, the Public Relations Committee brainstorms and executes new campaigns each year. The Society’s patient education brochures have been revised, redesigned and reprinted. Content is also updated on the patient diseases and conditions pages, which include some of the most frequently visited pages on the ASCRS website. Many pages include corresponding videos, some of which will be translated into Spanish.

The committee determines the awardees of the Society’s media award, Jagelman Award, as well as the Local Hero Award, all presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The 2017 Local Hero, Doug Dallmann, will be featured in an upcoming video advocating for colon cancer awareness and screening.

“We continue as a committee to come up with new and creative ways to disseminate information about not only colorectal disease but also colorectal surgeons and our organization,” said Dr. Roberta Muldoon, chair.

Chair: Roberta Muldoon, MD
Vice Chair: Michael Arvanitis, MD
Vice Chair: Sharon Stein, MD
Council Rep: David Margolin, MD
Jeffrey Butcher, MD Victor Modesto, MD
Allen Chudzinski, MD Margarita Murphy, MD
Molly Cone, MD Yosef Nasseri, MD
Tara Domash-Martinez, DO Marc Osborne, MD
Sean Glasgow, MD Negar Salehomoum, MD
Eric Johnson, MD David Stein, MD
Mukta Krane, MD Kelly Tyler, MD
Alex Ky, MD Jennifer Wang, MD
Sean Langenfeld, MD  
Linda Lapos, MD