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Quality Assessment and Safety Committee | ASCRS

The Quality Assessment and Safety Committee monitors activities of the National Quality Forum (NQF), the Surgical Quality Alliance (SQA), and the AMA Consortium. The committee is dedicated to optimizing care for patients with colorectal disease by setting goals and standards for the treatment of diseases affecting the colon, rectum and anus. 

What's New?

The Quality Assessment and Safety Committee is working hard to identify ways to provide value to ASCRS members in the following ways:

Informing Membership
Email Blasts - "We have committed to sending ASCRS members information about quality issues via email," said Dr. Temple. "Our first email blast was focused on initiatives by the ASCRS for improving the optimal treatment of rectal cancer, as well as information about the most recent trials." Additionally, the committee sent email blasts on enhanced recovery after surgery programscancer survivorship care and patient-reported outcomes.

2017 Symposium - The committee hosted a symposium at the 2017 ASCRS Annual Meetig entitled 'Public Reporting of Surgical Outcomes,' designed to show how public reporting can directly affect a member's practice. 

Representation of ASCRS at Key Organizations - "We are actively monitoring and participating in organizations evaluating quality associated to colorectal surgery," said Dr. Larissa Temple, chair. "While we are a relatively small society, we have worked hard to get a voice at the table of key organizations to ensure that colon and rectal surgeons are represented. We have ASCRS members on the NQF Surgery Steering Committee, which reviews all surgical measures for CMS endorsement as well as the NQF CSAC, and are nominating individuals to the Cancer Committee.  We are active participants with the ACS in both the SQA and Performance Measurement Workgroup, which are developing quality measures for all surgeons including ASCRS members. While working closely with the ACS and their extensive staff, we are ensuring that the ASCRS has a voice at the table for quality measurement in surgery."

Rectal Cancer Checklist - "Through work performed by the committee since 2011, we are pleased to have developed a Rectal Cancer Checklist that is available online and soon to be published in Diseases of the Colon and Rectum," said Dr. Temple. "It was designed to be a living document that will be amended/edited every six months by the Quality Assessment and Safety Committee. We are also beginning to explore possible ways to transition this checklist to electronic platforms such as EPIC and handheld devices."

 Website Updating - The committee reviews ASCRS Annual Meeting programs and identifies sessions and abstracts that relate to quality improvement.



Chair: Larissa Temple, MD
Vice Chair: David Etzioni, MD
Council Rep: Arden Morris, MD



Gabriel Akopian, MD Deborah Nagle, MD
Robert Cima, MD Nina Paonessa, DO
Fernando Cordeiro, MD Carrie Peterson, MD
David Dietz, MD Fabio Potenti, MD
Rahila Essani, MD Scott Regenbogen, MD
Sean Glasgow, MD Emily Rivet, MD
Amanda Hayman, MD Marcia Russell, MD
Samantha Hendren, MD Scott Strong, MD
Stefan Holubar, MD Charles Taylor, III, MD
Neil Hyman, MD Jon Vogel, MD
Gregory Kennedy, MD Eric Weiss, MD
Mary Kwaan, MD Charles Whitlow, MD
Elise Lawson, MD Elizabeth Wick, MD
Martin Luchtefeld, MD