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Rectal Cancer Coordinating Committee

Rectal Cancer Coordinating Committee | ASCRS

This committee will work on Centers of Excellence and rectal cancer skills including preoperative image-based and postoperative pathology-based staging. A skills module analogous to FES or FLS will be developed along with video-based educational materials. 


Chair: Steven Wexner, MD
Vice Chair: James Fleshman, Jr., MD
Council Rep: Julio Garcia-Aguilar, MD



Michael Arvanitis, MD Neil Hyman, MD
Scott Baker, MD Ron Landmann, MD
Mariana Berho, MD Helen MacRae, MD
David Blumberg, MD John Marks, MD
George Chang, MD Nitin Mishra, MD
Conor Delaney, MD John Monson, MD
David Dietz, MD Walter Peters, Jr., MD
Linda Farkas, MD David Rothenberger, MD
Alessandro Fichera, MD Marcia Russell, MD
Todd Francone, MD Jaime Sanchez, MD
Joel Goldberg, MD Charles Ternent, MD
Samantha Hendren, MD