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Indiana Colon and Rectal Specialists/Indiana University School of Medicine

Indiana Colon and Rectal Specialists/Indiana University School of Medicine | ASCRS

Program Director: 
Dipen Maun, MD
Indiana Colon and Rectal Specialists/Indiana University School of Medicine
5255 East Stop 11 Road, Suite 250
Indianapolis, IN 46237
United States
(317) 834-9618
(317) 831-9467

Number of Residents (per year): 

Number of Faculty (ABCRS Certified): 9 

Salary/Year: $65,111

Case Mix/Number of Cases: The program offers a balance of minimally invasive abdominal surgery, anorectal surgery and endoscopy. Residents average over 400 endoscopic cases, over 150 laparoscopic colectomies with over 250 total abdominal cases and more than 200 anorectal cases. Technical skills include TEM, TaTME, daVinci Xi surgery and single incision laparoscopic surgery. 

Strengths of Program: The program provides experience with high volume busy completely colorectal practice with good breadth of abdominal, anorectal and endoscopic experience. Nearly 80% of the abdominal cases are performed in a minimally invasive fashion. There are nine board certified faculty who have trained at five different colorectal training programs, which allows for the teaching of different techniques and approaches to the same disease. The majority of the outpatient cases are performed at highly efficient outpatient surgery centers, which allows for large volumes of anorectal and colonoscopy experience.   

Clinic and/or Office Experience: The clinic is the site of over 7,522 patient visits annually. A variety of office based procedures are performed which include rubber band ligation, abscess drainage, thrombosed hemorrhoid excision, hemorrhoid sclerosing and infrared redfield cautery of internal hemorrhoids. We strive to provide as much autonomy as possible during the office experience. 

Interaction with General Surgery Residents: TThe Indiana University surgery residency program includes a four week elective rotation for PGY 3 and 4 level residents. 

Conferences:Weekly didactic teaching conference with staff or invited speakers, each of whom has prepared a presentation on a designated subject based on the ASCRS textbook of surgery. Other topics include CARSEP® review, oral boards preparation and billing.  Other conferences include twice-monthly tumor board, every month journal club and interesting case conferences. 

Anorectal Physiology: Anal manometry, endorectal and endoanal ultrasound and pudendal nerve testing are routinely performed in the outpatient clinic. The tests are performed by multiple attendings and can be performed by residents once proficient. 

Outside Rotations: TThere is a single dedicated month-long rotation at IU hospital under the tutelage of Dr. Bruce Robb. 

Research Year:  Not Available. 

Requirement for Paper: The resident is expected to write at least one major paper to be submitted for presentation at a national meeting and published in a peer review journal. Opportunities exist for additional publication. Dr. Ben Tsai is the head of the research program. 

Opportunity to Attend Meetings: Resident will have a stipend to be used for meeting attendance. We also support the attendance of a daVinci training course, career conference, the Ohio Valley Colorectal Society meeting (local meeting) and the national ASCRS meeting.