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Louisiana State University - Shreveport

Louisiana State University - Shreveport | ASCRS

Program Director: 
Michael D. Stratton, MD
Louisiana State University - Shreveport
1811 East Bert Kouns
Suite 420
Shreveport, LA 71105
United States
(318) 212-3027
(318) 212-3682

Number of Residents (per year): 1

Number of Faculty (ABCRS Certified): 3

Salary/Year: Approximately $59,729.00

University Affiliation: LSU School of Medicine-Shreveport

Case Mix/Number of Cases: Over the past five years, the residents' average case volume has been: Abdominal-160, Anorectal-160 and Colonoscopy-550.

Strengths of Program: The resident obtains an extensive operative and endoscopic experience. The case mix covers the full range of colon and rectal surgery including transanal endoscopic microsurgery, sphincter reconstruction, transanal rectocele repairs, laparoscopic colon resections, PPH, rectovaginal fistula repair, sacral nerve stimulation, complex anorectal surgery, LAR, and colo-anal anastomosis. 

Clinic and/or Office Experience: An active office practice offers exposure to medical care, diagnosis and minor procedures (incision and drainage of abscess, thrombosed hemorrhoid excision, hemorrhoid banding, infrared coagulation, etc.). The resident sees office patients two or three afternoons a week, supervised by the attending staff. The resident has a colorectal teaching clinic at LSU Medical School one morning each week, teaching surgical residents and medical students.

Interaction with General Surgery Residents: Conferences at LSU Medical School with surgery residents and medical students. The service is shared with a mid-level General Residency resident. The residents may scrub together, but there is no competition for cases. 

Conferences: Conferences include weekly general surgery grand rounds, morbidity & mortality (held monthly), CRS journal club (quarterly). Pathology and Radiology teaching is facilitated on an individual basis with the staff radiologists and pathologists. Weekly multi-specialty cancer conference includes pathology, GI, GYN, Internal Medicine, Oncology and radiology staff.

Anorectal Physiology: The resident participates fully in anorectal manometry studies. Defecography is performed by radiology and reviewed with the resident. Transanal ultrasound is performed by the CRS staff and resident.

Outside Rotations: Not Available.

Research Year: Not Available.

Requirement for Paper: The resident is required to write a clinical paper suitable for presentation and publication. A large volume of case material is available for review. An opportunity for research has developed with the recent formation of an endowment for colon and rectal cancer focused on education (patient and physician) and research.

Opportunity to Attend Meetings: The resident attends the ASCRS meeting as a guest of the attending staff.

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