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Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando (Orlando Health)

Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando (Orlando Health) | ASCRS

Program Director: 
Joseph T. Gallagher, MD
Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando (Orlando Health)
110 West Underwood Street
Suite A
Orlando, FL 32806
United States
(407) 422-3790
(407) 841-5058

Number of Residents (per year): 3

Number of Faculty (ABCRS Certified): 7

University Affiliation: University of Florida, College of Medicine, University of South Florida, College of Medicine, Florida State University, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida, College of Medicine

Salary/Yearly: $66,700

Case Mix/Number of Cases: Each faculty performs approximately 500 anorectal, 300+ abdominal colon surgeries including 125 laparoscopy procedures and 500 colonoscopy procedures per year.

Strengths of Program: This program is based at the Colon and Rectal Clinic of Orlando, a private office adjacent to the Orlando Health campus. Teaching experiences are available at all divisions of Orlando Health, (Orlando Regional Medical Center, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children & Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies) and Florida Hospital Central Health Network. Wide experience is available in all endoscopic techniques. Exposure to abdominal surgery, from simple colon resections to low pelvic anastomosis, pouches, laparoscopic colectomy and a wide range of procedures from simple to complex anal rectal surgery is offered.  Robotic training is also offered with our program.

Clinic and/or Office Experience: Residents take an active role in the clinical and office practice of colon and rectal surgery. Seeing patients pre- and post-operatively, assisting in office surgery and performing endoscopy in the office setting and in the outpatient endoscopy suites give them significant exposure to everyday office practice. New patients number between 1300 and 1400 per year with 900 seen annually for follow up visits or surveillance. Office examinations include approximately 200 rigid sigmoidoscopic examinations and 1500+ fiberoptic sigmoidoscopic examinations per year. 


Interaction with General Surgery Residents: Orlando Health maintains a fully accredited general surgery program of 15 residents. These surgery residents closely interact with the colon and rectal residents, both in consultative interaction, as well as curricular activities.


Conferences: Clinical case reviews with representation from pathology and tumor board, pelvic floor, M & M and Journal Club are held monthly. Topic review is held twice a month. Colon & Rectal Grand Rounds are given every other month.  


Anorectal Physiology Availability: Manometry, defecography, biofeedback, EMG, ultrasonography and colon transit studies are performed.


Outside Rotations: Not Available.


Research Year: Available; self-funded.


Requirement for Paper: Residents are required to submit a paper to the ASCRS and/or to the American College of Surgeons for possible presentation and/or publication. 


Opportunity to Attend Meetings: Residents are given the opportunity to attend the annual ASCRS Convention and/or other meetings for paper presentations.