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Saint Vincent Hospital

Saint Vincent Hospital | ASCRS

Program Director: 
Patrick J. Recio, DO, FASCRS
Allegheny Health Network Saint Vincent Hospital
311 West 24th Street, 4th Floor
Saint Vincent Medical Education Department
Erie, PA 16502
United States
(814) 452-5101
(814) 452-5097

Number of Residents (per year): 2

Number of Faculty (ABCRS Certified): 4

Salary/Year: $65,043

Educational Stipend: $3,000.00

Case Mix/Number of Cases: The program faculty see 9,000 patient visits per year with 2,500 new patients between the two facilities. They perform approximately 1,700 endoscopic procedures, with 1,200 being colonoscopies. Between 425-450 abdominal cases are performed with an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques. Approximately 375-400 anorectal procedures are performed by faculty on a yearly basis. A widely diversified case mix is seen between both benign and malignant disease. The resident is integral in patient management in every aspect.

Strengths of Program: The inpatient care is provided at two closely located teaching hospitals, each with its own well organized same-day surgery area. A cost effective decision making process for management of colon and anorectal problems is emphasized. Laparoscopic as well as robotic surgical cases are performed regularly. Office participation of two, four-hour sessions per week provide the residents opportunity to see patients in follow up and to manage medically and surgically many cases of inflammatory bowel disease, as well as the broad range of anorectal problems typically seen in the office. Each hospital has a well-organized Research Department and several research projects are in progress. A fully-equipped Anorectal Physiology Unit is available and resident performance of procedures is usual. 

Clinic and/or Office Experience: Each resident participates in two, four-hour afternoon sessions in the office each week. In the office, new patients are seen and flexible sigmoidoscopy and routine minor anorectal surgery are performed.

Interaction with General Surgery Residents: There is no general surgery program in the community; so the colorectal residents interact only with family practice residents and medical students, both of whom rotate periodically on the service.

Conferences: Each week a didactic conference is held given by both the residents and attending staff with an ongoing yearly review of all major topics in colon/rectal surgery. Monthly conferences include radiology and pathology review, morbidity and mortality and journal club.

Anorectal Physiology: An active anorectal manometry lab is maintained at Saint Vincent Health Center where defecography, pudendal nerve terminal motor latency measurements, marker studies and anorectal manometry are performed on a regular basis. This lab is located in the gastrointestinal unit so that anorectal physiologic evaluations are readily available to the resident. In this same area, the intra rectal ultrasound is available and jointly used with the urology service. A pelvic floor center complete with certified pelvic floor physical therapists is also available for patient evaluation.

Outside Rotations: Outside rotations are Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh with the focus on complex pelvic surgery cases. They occur throughout the year with advanced notice.

Research Year: None Available.

Requirement for Paper: During the rotations, there is ample time for research and investigative opportunities. A paper is required.

Opportunity to Attend Meetings: One week is available for the resident to attend a national meeting of his or her choice. Funds are available for this purpose. Regional meetings are also able to be attended if approved by Program Director.