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Case Western Reserve University/ University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Case Western Reserve University/ University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center | ASCRS

Program Director: 
Sharon L. Stein, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Case Western Reserve University/ University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
11100 Euclid Avenue
LKS 5047
Cleveland, OH 44106-5047
United States
(216) 844-7981
(216) 844-8201

Number of Residents (per year): 1

Number of Faculty (ABCRS Certified): 4

Salary/Year: $66,800

Case Mix/Number of Cases: Cases are assigned based on each resident’s skill and need set. Past residents have all completed a minimum of 150 anorectal cases, 150-200 endoscopies and over 250 abdominal cases. Residents perform greater than 100 minimally invasive surgery cases (laparoscopic and robotic cases).

Strengths of Program: Tremendous volume and diversity of cases, excellent educationally-minded faculty and program uniquely structured to the needs of the resident.  

The program has an outstanding experience in minimally invasive surgery enhanced recovery program including pelvic, reoperative surgery and transanal total mesorectal excision. There is also a strong tradition and emphasis on perioperative care including enhanced recovery programs. However, there is a significant experience in complex reoperative cases including advanced rectal cancer, complex abdominal surgery and multi disciplinary team approaches. 

The volume and mix of cases available allows us to cater the training to the needs of the individual colorectal resident. Dedicated office time and endoscopy time is provided. Faculty are known as leaders and educators in colon and rectal surgery and come from diverse backgrounds to provide the resident with a strong education and understanding of multiple clinical options to optimize patient care. 

Clinic and/or Office Experience: One day per weekly mandatory

Interaction with General Surgery Residents: The service maintains two autonomous teams to provide for excellent general surgery and colorectal resident experience. The colorectal resident works on a team with PGY 2 residents and a dedicated nurse practitioner.  


Weekly colorectal educational conference based on CREST® educational model. 

          Colorectal indications conference

          Colorectal M & M conference

          General surgery grand rounds/M & M conference

          GI oncologic tumor board

          Quarterly journal club

          GI case conference

          Colorectal research meeting

Anorectal Physiology: Experience with anorectal manometry, endorectal ultrasound, MRI defocography and treatment of functional disorders, such as fecal incontinence, obstructed defecation and slow transit defecation is provided.  

Outside Rotations: Residents may operate at affiliated community hospitals with core faculty. No outside patient care/clinical responsibilities are expected. 

Research Year: No

Requirement for Paper: The colorectal resident is expected to submit at least one abstract to the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting and to complete this as a paper. Opportunities for more significant research are available.  

Opportunity to Attend Meetings: The colorectal resident will attend the ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting, the University Hospitals Medical Center Annual Colorectal Career Course and may attend additional meetings, such as robot training or endorectal ultrasound training throughout the year.