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University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital | ASCRS

Program Director: 
Floriano Marchetti, MD
University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital
1120 NW 14th Street, 4th Floor
University of Miami/Clinical Research Building
Miami, FL 33136
United States
(305) 243-3527
(305) 243-7438

Number of Residents (per year): 1

Number of Faculty: 4    (ABCRS Certified: 3)

Salary/Year: $57,815.06 plus fringe benefits

Case Mix/Number of Cases: Our group performs a wide variety of major abdominal and anorectal cases. The cases range from straightforward routine matters to the more complex and esoteric. On an annual basis roughly 350-400 major abdominal, 500-600 anorectal and 600-700 colonoscopic procedures are performed. We have an aggressive laparoscopic program, allowing for substantial experience in laparoscopic colon surgery.

Strengths of Program: This major University program is based around Jackson Medical Center, the largest inpatient facility in the United States, and the University of Miami Hospital a 500 bed hospital owned and operated by the University of Miami. Our relationship therefore allows for an extensive clinical experience, utilizing the full potential of all resources at such large diverse centers. The resident works closely with the two full time faculty, has the opportunity to rotate on some of the ancillary services and partake in a vast array of clinical research projects. The cases allow for a broad experience in all aspects of colon and rectal surgery, with a strong emphasis on benign anorectal disorders and colorectal malignancy.

Clinic and/or Office Experience: The resident is responsible for managing the Jackson Hospital Outpatient Clinic with attending supervision. This clinic runs one and a half days per week. The resident also attends the private clinics of two faculty members on an alternating basis. Pre- and post-operative care is stressed in these environments, as well as the evaluation and work up of patients with diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

Interaction with General Surgery Residents: The colon and rectal surgery resident works closely with the general surgery residents assigned to the colon and rectal surgery team. Jackson Memorial Hospital graduates six chief residents in general surgery on an annual basis, and colon and rectal surgical education is an integral part of their training. The colon and rectal surgery resident is expected to participate in the education and training of general surgical residents at various levels, with attending supervision.

Conferences: Conferences specific to the colon and rectal surgery service include clinical radiology, clinical pathology, anorectal physiology, colon and rectal M&M, journal club, research planning, colorectal tumor board and the core subject review conferences. In addition, the colon and rectal surgery resident is expected to attend the following general surgical conferences: grand rounds, M&M and basic science conference. Also, there are several other conferences in which we participate, including the GI-IBD conference, GI-surgery multidisciplinary conference, general tumor board and GI tumor conference.

Research Year: Can be arranged upon request; may require self-funding.

Requirement for Paper: Residents are required to participate in clinical research and submit abstracts for presentation to the ASCRS. In addition, we encourage preparation of manuscripts for publication in peer-review journals.

Opportunity to Attend Meetings: Residents are given the opportunity to attend several meetings during the year including the ASCRS annual meeting. Funding is available to cover expenses to this meeting. Residents will be sent to meetings if they are presenting a paper or a poster.