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Residents Committee

Residents Committee | ASCRS

Assists in the development of educational programs for residents and informs general surgery residents of the benefits of specializing in colorectal surgery.

Chair: Cristina Sardinha, MD
Vice Chair: Jeremy Lipman, MD
Council Rep: Bruce Orkin, MD


Ryan Bendl, MD Emily Miraflor, MD
Lisa Cannon, MD Bryce Murray, MD
Philip Caushaj, MD Razvan Opreanu, MD
David Chismark, MD John Park, MD
Daniel Chu, MD Lisa Parry, MD
Timothy Counihan, MD Craig Reickert, MD
William Grimes, MD Craig Rezac, MD
Alexis Grucela, MD Steven Scarcliff, MD
Quinton Hatch, MD David Schwartzberg, MD
Lisa Haubert, MD Michael Tam, MD
Syed Husain, MD Jacquelyn Turner, MD
Rebecca Levine, MD Brian Valerian, MD
Samuel Luka, MD