Self-Assessment Committee

Self-Assessment Committee | ASCRS

Creates the specialty's colon and rectal self-assessment program (CARSEP®) to assist physicians in their self-learning in order to provide optimal patient care. 

Chair: Kirsten Wilkins, MD
Vice Chair: Shankar Raman, MD
Council Rep: Najjia Mahmoud, MD

Jasim Alabbad, MD
Elizabeth McConnell, MD
Asna Amin, MD Amit Merchea, MD
Andrea Bafford, MD Evangelos Messaris, MD
Mala Balakumar, MD Eric Nelson, MD
Jennifer Blumetti, MD Valentine Nfonsam, MD
Shaun Brown, DO Francisco Quinteros, MD
Patrick Chen, MD Paul Rider, MD
A. David Chismark, MD Nicole Saur, MD
Allen Chudzinski, MD Shafik Sidani, MD
William Cirocco, MD Robert Sinnott, DO
Haisar Dao Campi, MD David Stewart, MD
Sharon Dykes, MD Patrick Sullivan, MD
Krista Evans, MD Michael Tam, MD
Linda Farkas, MD Charles Taylor, MD
Aakash Gajjar, MD Gino Trevisani, MD
Irena Gribovskaja-Rupp, MD Vassiliki Tsikitis, MD
John Griffin, MD Rajalakshmi Warrier, MD
Jonathan Laryea, MD Karen Zaghiyan, MD
Patrick Lee, MD  
Kim Lu, MD  
Kellie Mathis, MD