Steering Committee on Pelvic Floor Disorders

Steering Committee on Pelvic Floor Disorders | ASCRS

The ASCRS Steering Committee on Pelvic Floor Disorders is charged with providing education, guidance and support to ASCRS members and other practitioners who provide care for patients with pelvic floor disorders.

The Committee will:

  • Work with other ACSRS committees to advance education regarding these disorders.
  • Work with the Research Foundation of the ASCRS to recognize and promote academic research on pelvic floor topics.
  • Facilitate and promote collaboration with other disciplines involved in pelvic floor patient care.

Additional information about the Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium is available including an online application to join.

Chair: Liliana Bordeianou, MD
Vice Chair: Sarah Vogler, MD, MBA
Council Rep: Tracy Hull, MD



Mitchell Bernstein, MD
                 Joseph Carmichael, MD
                 Brooke Gurland, MD
                 Alex Ky, MD
                 Anders Mellgren, MD, PhD
                 Ian Paquette, MD
                 Madhulika Varma, MD
                 Steven Wexner, MD, PhD (Hon)
                 Massarat Zutshi, MD