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Tips for Hosting a Patient Education Event

Tips for Hosting a Patient Education Event | ASCRS

A colorectal cancer patient education event can be a unique way to communicate directly with the patient/consumer audience.  In addition, it can attract media attention to your practice, which will help to further spread the news about the importance of colorectal cancer screening.  You can hold a patient education program about the prevention and screening for colorectal cancer at your practice during the month.   

  • Hold the event in the evening on a weeknight
  • Advertise for the event in the hospital, the hospital newsletter, and local newspaper
  • Provide refreshments for attendees
  • Create a presentation that is informative and visually pleasing
  • Give plenty of time for questions and answers
  • Invite the media to attend
  • Handouts for the attendees are welcome
  • Follow up with those who attended by sending an appointment reminder card, your business card or a thank you note. 

Handouts for Attendees