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Website Committee

Website Committee | ASCRS

Oversees ASCRS Website and is responsible for educating members on electronic communication. 

What's New?

The Website Committee has been working to implement a number of improvements to the ASCRS website, including the “Find A Surgeon” feature, which now allows patients to more easily search for ASCRS members. Now patients can search by name and geographic location, and can also choose to share their own geographic location so they can find surgeons nearest to them.

The updated functionality for the “Find A Surgeon” search engine includes an interactive map, additional member data and mobile device optimization.

The committee is currently working to enhance the Resource Library by adding a taxonomy system that will make all videos, publications and images searchable by author name, publication year and additional criteria.

Chair: David Margolin, MD
Vice Chair: Paul Wise, MD

Steven Carter, MD Robert Noone, Jr., MD
Clarence Clark, III, MD Ian Paquette, MD
Donald Colvin, MD Jaime Sanchez, MD
Martha Ferguson, MD Nicole Saur, MD
Timothy Iseri, MD Sanda Tan, MD
Roberto Kaiser, Jr., MD Brian Teng, MD
Guiseppe Nigri, MD