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Young Surgeons Committee

Young Surgeons Committee | ASCRS

This committee addresses concerns of young surgeons and encourages their active participation in the Society. They interact with the Executive Council by providing valuable feedback on programs that would benefit young surgeons, along with recommending the Traveling Fellow Scholarship Awardee annually.

Chair: Jason Mizell, MD
Vice Chair: Heather Yeo, MD
Council Rep: Heidi Nelson, MD

Benjamin Abbadessa, MD Steven Lee-Kong, MD
Brian Bello, MD Kellie Mathis, MD
Satyadeep Bhattacharya, MD Nelya Melnitchouk, MD
Lisa Cannon, MD Eric Nelson, MD
Bidhan Das, MD Carrie Peterson, MD
Jennifer Davids, MD Tal Raphaeli, MD
Samuel Eisenstein, MD Jennifer Rea, MD
Russell Farmer, MD Timothy Ridolfi, MD
Leandro Feo, MD David Row, MD
Leander Grimm, Jr., MD Steven Scarcliff, MD
Michael Guzman, MD Josef Shehebar, MD
Jennifer Holder-Murray, MD Shafik Sidani, MD
Terah Isaacson, MD Pierpaolo Sileri, MD
Deborah Keller, MD Gabriela Vargas, MD
Daniel Klaristenfeld, MD Karen Zaghiyan, MD
Pamela Lee, MD