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2019 Physicians Compensation Survey

2019 Physicians Compensation Survey | ASCRS

Survey Details
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Survey Details
The scope of the survey is to collect and report market compensation and production benchmarks for colorectal surgeons, with detailed information on practice characteristics, physician demographics, clinical activities, income levels, compensation plan structure, and benefits. All data requested in this online survey should represent the 12 months ending December 31, 2018. 

Your participation is very important to ASCRS. By providing accurate and high quality data to the survey, you will be contributing to the largest national compensation and production data set uniquely addressing the needs of colorectal surgeons. In order to ensure you are prepared to initiate the survey, we recommend that you set aside approximately 20 minutes to complete the questions and have the following types of data readily available from 2018:

  • Demographic data about yourself and your place of employment
  • FTE data (e.g., clinical and total FTE)
  • Compensation levels and annual production data (such as net professional collections and Work RVUs)
  • Starting salary and hiring incentives (e.g., signing bonus) if you were hired in 2018  

You can return to the survey to revise and/or add to your response as long as the survey is open, using the survey link, email address, and unique Source ID.

ASCRS has partnered with ECG Management Consultants, as the independent third-party administrator of the 2019 ASCRS Physician Compensation Survey. ECG has a long-standing history conducting physician compensation and production surveys. In addition, ECG offers a broad range of strategic, financial, operational, and technology-related consulting services to healthcare providers. With nearly 250 consultants, ECG is a national leader in the industry, providing specialized expertise to community hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems, and medical groups.

Link to Survey and Your Unique Soource ID
On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, you should have received an email from with the Subject Line: "Take the 2019 ASCRS Physician Compensation Survey" which included your unique Source ID and the link to the survey. If you have not received this email, please check your junk mail/spam folder. If you still have not located the email place contact Angie Collins at ECG via email at or via phone at (469) 729-2604.

Copy of Survey
For a blank copy of the survey to use as a reference, please see the attached pdf document, “Questionnaire_2019 ASCRS Physician Compensation Survey”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to provide my zip code?
Department of Justice guidelines require that the data gathered in this survey can only be reported by ECG to the ASCRS in aggregated and de-identified form. The smallest aggregate reported must include data from at least five different practices. By using a combination of state and zip code, ECG can make sure that at least five separate practices are included in any reported data without asking for your practice name or NPI number. This serves to protect the anonymity of your information.

Do I have to report my compensation?
Total compensation is not a required field for this survey. Even if you are not comfortable providing this information, the Society can benefit from your participation by learning about your compensation model, your productivity and benefits. However, the survey will provide the greatest value to you and your colleagues if you DO provide the total amount of your compensation. Other commonly used surveys are based on data from a relatively small number of surgeons. You and your colleagues will benefit from having a more comprehensive set of compensation data that can be filtered by region and practice type.  

Will my compensation data be secure?
The compensation survey data will be reported directly to ECG Management Consultants through a secure online portal. Your data will be identified only by a number that they have assigned to the email address supplied to them by the ASCRS. The ASCRS will receive aggregated and de-identified data from ECG. The smallest aggregate of data supplied to ASCRS by ECG must contain data from at least five different practices according to Department of Justice guidelines. This means that it will be impossible for the ASCRS to link the reported information to a specific surgeon or practice. ECG Management Consultants employs state-of-the-art cyber security measures to protect the data provided by clients.  

For questions regarding this survey, please contact Angie Collins at ECG via email at or via phone at (469) 729-2604.