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Colon and rectal diseases comprise a broad range of conditions and ailments, the severity of which can vary from mildly irritating to life threatening. Research has demonstrated that early screening and treatment of colon and rectal diseases can significantly improve treatment outcomes and survival rates, yet many patients delay or don't seek treatment because of lack of knowledge about their disease and its symptoms or the benefits of early treatment, or are too embarrassed to seek help. The ASCRS offers information on conditions relating to the colon, rectum and anus such as:






The ASCRS offers information on common treatment and screening procedures. Follow the links below for patient information on these topics.

The information presented on the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) Web site is solely intended to provide you with information that will help educate you on the importance of screenings and treatments. No information provided on this website or otherwise offered by ASCRS is intended to replace or in any way modify the advice of your health care professional.

After surgery just living each day to the fullest seems like an impossible dream but the patients below tell their stories of how they now live full lives.  Find out other patients recovered from surgery and continue to live a full and happy life.  These shared personal stories of success will inspire you to reclaim your life and pursue your dreams.  For addtiional information, talk to a Colon and Rectal Surgeon about your specific needs.  Find a surgeon in your area by using our search engine:  Find a Surgeon.